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Where to stay Wednesday: Casa dos Lóios, Porto


Things have been a bit quiet around here as of late – for which I apologies. Again. This time I blame the sun, making me want to be outside and get out and about and stuff. 1,125 more words

City Break

A Lovely European Jewel - Budapest

I came across an opportunity a few years ago that changed my life. As someone who loves to travel, the chance to travel more often, to amazing destinations and at discounted prices was a no-brainer.

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Passive Income

Amsterdam, Part Two: Cafés, Coffee Shops, Picnics and Vondelpark

Hello lovely ones! I’m back with the second part of our Amsterdam trip, yay.

After shopping around, the group split up; Dom, Jess, Darren, Anton and I stopped by a cafe for some tea, and the others went to explore the markets. 916 more words


Un Appartement à Paris

Following on from my last post…two weeks ago was my wonderful sister’s hen party (partie de poule) in none other than the fabulous city of Paris!! 431 more words


A Whirlwind Trip To Berlin

Eighteenth birthdays are always a special event and recently my (not so) little brother celebrated his. I wanted to do something different to mark the occasion that would be remembered longer than a bottle of expendable aftershave or another t-shirt. 591 more words



Well, Amsterdam… How can I describe Amsterdam? I feel it is nigh on impossible to describe it in one word. There’s so much going on there that it feels like you’ve visited about three different cities. 809 more words

Five nights in Dubrovnik

There is only one thing to do in London in summer. Leave. For as long as your holiday allowance will allow.

I went to Dubrovnik for five nights, expecting somewhere ‘edgy’, perhaps with a lot of electronic music and post-war grievance expressed through graffiti. 512 more words

Going Out