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Petition for Social Media and Electronic Communications for Dearborn Heights...

The citizen petition for social media and electronic communication was sent to the Dearborn Heights City Clerk’s office Today before noon. It should be on the September 9th agenda. 56 more words

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Dearborn Patch has a very interesting article not surprising,

FEMA Inspectors May Have Sent Mixed Signal; Flood Aid Isn’t a Sure Thing- Dearborn Patch

Metro residents shouldn’t count on too much help from the federal government in the cleanup from record Aug.

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Laptop Study Session.

Not one person who works in this building for 9 hours wants to have to go home and work.

That may be true why then is the Clerk working at home after putting in a…

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Today at 9:33am I went to the City’s website to see if the agenda packets had gotten up… They have the agenda and agenda packet (backups) is on the council page.

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We're Not Asking We're Demanding.

City of Dearborn Heights and the elected officials in it we’re not asking we’re demanding that this city has a Facebook Page. We are demanding that you use… 122 more words

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Is This Really What The Council Want's to Spend Time On...

If you want to police the Council Members councilwoman Horvath may I suggest you start with yourself. Please refrain from passing notes to the clerk and leaning over and chatting with the Clerk or Councilman Joesph Kosinski. 317 more words

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Think There Isn't a Need For Social Media In The City Of Dearborn Heights.

Hey Mr. Mayor and City Council Think there isn’t a need for social media. Let me give you a few numbers from this blog just today… 50 more words

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