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Oudamxay, in Northern Laos, was never on my must visit list when it came to planning our trip. And that’s most probably the case for a lot of travellers. 847 more words


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Join Jill in Oudamxay, Northern Laos where she takes a fascinating look into Laos city life.

Race of Thoughts..

Why am I breathing so fast? Is that a car that just whooshed by? Damn, its honking in the middle of the night. Probably some emergency! 480 more words


Parking it

So, when you live in Texas, you will drive everywhere. This means you will park your automobile at your destination, and your destination will probably have a parking lot. 335 more words


Eating on the road with multiple littles

We eat out locally and when out of town. Thus, our 2 toddlers and 1 infant do. And we’ve learned a new way of evaluating casual dining restaurants. 165 more words


Five Lessons Learned After One Work Week

Okay, so I haven’t been working very long; in reality, it can’t even be considered a full work week because Tuesday the city was shut down due to the, “Blizzard of the Century.” Spoiler alert: it turned out to only be a snowstorm. 684 more words


Environmental poetry workshop

I had the honor of facilitating 2 poetry workshops at NOVA in Seattle this week. The students were very engaged. I hope I get to come back there. 125 more words