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London’s children are moving out

Build more houses, build more houses, for the love of god, BUILD MORE HOUSES!

So goes the screech of the politicians, desperate to outdo one another in how passionate they feel about solving London’s housing crisis! 395 more words

Brain Drain

Pictures. Also, some words.

We had a great Friday night and an awesome Saturday and kind of a meh Sunday, so let’s just not talk about Sunday, shall we? 330 more words

The Americanization of Meditation...What Meditation Isn't

When one aspect of culture is integrated in another, the original intention can often get lost. The same can be applied to spirituality, more specifically yoga and meditation. 600 more words


The "Other Neighbors" in The Neighborhood

C-Dog & Company lives in the city; we’re “city folk.”

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of “wildlife.” And we tend to see it on special days, when the sun slants just right, the shadows are long, and the blue, blue skies and autumn hues paint a placid picture of home. 484 more words

Someone lost their bunny

The Ugliest Building in Aarhus - now with pictures!

Aarhus has a lot of weird modern architecture, but by far the ugliest (in my humble opinion) is the journalism school. 1,017 more words

City Life

10 Minute Writing Challenge...(Pictures Don't Count)

I came across this prompt that basically said to write for 10 minutes straight, no more and no less and thought it would be a cool way to get today’s post up. 410 more words