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Grow up, City Boy

I’m in my tranquil and beautiful backyard. Man I love this place. Luscious green grass (as close to Augusta National as I’ll ever get), flowers, trees and a peaceful ambiance (with the exception of the continuous highway buzz and the noxious gas fumes). 543 more words


Riding in tandem shouldn't make us criminals.

I am frustrated by the growing bias people are beginning to have against people who ride motorcycles in tandem. Moreover, I am furious that there are efforts to formalize this bias by making it into a law. 547 more words

Motorcycle Stuff

Calgary Canada

Taking such a long trip doesn’t always give us the time to spend in some of our stops as we would like. With only so much time, our activities can be limited. 544 more words

Gratitude Wednesday: Oh, the (Minneapolis) Parks!

I’m in Minneapolis this week. I was a bit anxious about this trip because I unexpectedly have both dogs; Dean normally takes Willow with him… 272 more words


Loja: Cuna de Artistas

The city of Loja is known to the locals as ‘Cuna de Artistas’, or ‘The Cradle of Artists’. It is fondly recognized as a hub for creators of all sorts, but in particular painters and musicians. 83 more words