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How To Make Puchka ( Pani Puri of Bengal)

Puchka is a delicious dish from Bengal and is a part of street food. Made from rava or semolina with a mix of wheat it is a unique and special dish for anyone from Bengal. 202 more words


Kolkata ~ The Masquerading Winter

Kolkata has been fascinating its admirers ever since its very existence with the playfulness and the joy, the ineffable love of the seasons. As each season takes its turn to woo the admirers, another soon follows, overpowering with her peculiar charms. 303 more words


mid week gibberish

Go fishing with no knowledge of where
the fish and the hook should be.
Go bungee jumping with fear of height
in your heart.
Mix irish cream with black coffee… 171 more words


Romancing the city of joy

This is the fifth time I am coming back to writing this article. Every time I write one paragraph and read through it, I hate myself for such a creation and end up deleting the whole thing. 855 more words


The Poetics of Poverty

But poetry is no improper or inferior or unnecessary thing. On the contrary it is badly needed. Science would tell us that water is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, but in the language of poetry water is the gift of life. 333 more words


First alone trip - part 1

I always liked traveling but somehow didn’t have so much chances. Sometimes when we think we are not able to di things as we want ansmd we just start doing it without any planning it happens. 286 more words