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@antisignal I choose to say Vienna c1900 is central nCell OF science, art&more till now in the West. @Counterpane@PredictSwan@ddrrnt

— Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx) …

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. S1: No Face; S2: Face; ~S1: Face; ~S2: Antiface.

— A.G. (@antisignal) March 25, 2014


Why The Pilgrim of The Dark Backward AND Abysm of Time?

Note: There are always characters in all the fiction that I have written, especially in the Metafiction – AND this is metafiction. This is me writing about writing a novel, a.k.a. 116 more words


Why OF? Why is it THE Venice OF the City?

Simple. Because I chose to. I chose to make it THE Venice OF the City. I desired it to be so. Period.

Also, I had already written the first part of The Exhibition in Tonal Cinema, the cut-up novel (roughly 136 pages) called Uncovering The Ungun, and had discovered countless anomalies from the act of cutting up texts that were both peculiar and interesting, and so kept them. 143 more words


What is The Venice of The City?

Enter The Venice of The City part III

It was meant to be self-evident that if I was currently writing a short novel called The Venice of The City part III, that I would have necessarily, one would hope, previously written parts I and II. 135 more words


Civic Center as Ceremonial Blockhouse in Cultural Survivance Patterns

: A Modern Center

The Center of Civility. The Cradle of Civilization. The City. The City-OF? Of what?

Oldest remaining blockhouse in North America: Fort Edward (Nova Scotia) 30 more words


Winnipeg begins pothole patching

WINNIPEG – It still feels like the depths of winter, but city crews have already begun patching Winnipeg’s springtime plague: potholes.

The city announced Monday it has three hand-patching crews working on larger streets, such as Bishop Grandin Boulevard, and some local streets where potholes could become a safety issue. 61 more words