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DF Reviews Outside Mullingar (Philadelphia Theatre Company, December 2014)

And God saw the light, that it was good…

So the Bible tells us, but I’m not sure you’d know it to look at the history of American plays, whose writers seem to dwell in Stygian gloom, focusing on Big Themes, and often cloaking them in an overlay of cynical hopelessness. 403 more words


Curiosus in print

I will be the featured artist at The Laughing Pint this Saturday December 6. The show has been featured in Tge City Paper 10 things to do this weekend! 9 more words

DF Reviews The Matter of Frank Schaefer (Curio Theatre, November 2014)

The facts are fairly simple – “frocked, defrocked, refrocked!” might headline an article about Frank Schaefer, a Methodist minister in Eastern Pennsylvania. But, as they say, God is in the details, and they come to life in Curio’s docudrama, an imperfect but heartfelt and touching exploration of a real life local incident with a global message. 370 more words


Examining the Underreported Department of Prisons Ballot Question

By Dustin Slaughter

On Tuesday, November 4th, Philadelphia voters will choose whether or not to amend the City Charter to implement a new – and semi-independent – Department of Prisons and Commissioner of Prisons into our city’s bureaucracy. 655 more words


The Guerrilla Girls: Artistic Feminism

In an article posted on Oct. 24, 2014, Guerrilla Girls, Frida Kahlo and Zubeida Agha, spoke to a filled Baltimore School for the Arts auditorium on the issues of corruption and criminal activity in the art market, feminism and their mission as a part of The Guerrilla Girls. 663 more words

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DF Previews Soprano Kathleen Battle (Verizon Hall / Kimmel Center -- 24 October 2014)

Make no mistake about it: A performance by Kathleen Battle is An Event. Anyone interested in hearing great music – and experiencing a true diva – should go at least once. 328 more words


DF Reviews Detroit (Philadelphia Theatre Company, October 2014)

Good things come to those who wait. Slow cooking yields the best flavor.

You might want to keep these aphorisms in mind as you watch Lisa D’Amour’s… 469 more words