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What Are City Students Doing For Christmas?

By Aleksandra Piotrow & Aubane Lemaire 

The Christmas break at City University has officially started. Let’s find out how some of the students are going to spend their time. 370 more words

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Business News: City News 27/11/2014

As mentioned before, my postgraduate course allows us to recreate a live simulation of a news programme in City’s very own interactive studio.

It’s a green-screened, high-tech and up-to-date studio with all the workings of a real-life newsroom. 73 more words


Smelly Christmas

Our final task for Term One at City University – was to create a 5/10 minute podcast in a group.

In the true spirit of Christmas, my group went with the podcast title of ‘The 5 Senses Christmas’. 24 more words


A breakdown of the AGM

Sam Gould has taken notes from an audio recording of the AGM – in his breakdown of the meeting you can see some of the most important moments, how long people spoke for, and how long voting for each motion lasted.

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New kennels for Hackney's stray and abandoned dogs

Hackney council has opened 10 new kennels for the borough’s stray and abandoned dogs, helping find them homes in time for Christmas.

With space for 250 dogs, it is hoped these kennels will make a real difference to the borough. 22 more words


The CULSU AGM - An Opinion On What Really Happened

By Ashling O’Malley

I attended the now infamous CULSU AGM, and this is my opinion on the events that took place that fateful night. There shall be no personal attacks, bullying or petty comments in this article, like there was at the event itself. 1,049 more words

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Hackney Dog Kennels

For this week’s newsday, my group and I went to investigate Hackney’s new dog kennels.

This week Hackney council opened ten new kennels, providing extra shelter for the borough’s stray and abandoned dogs this winter. 38 more words