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Civet Massacre Poster Pack / Nihilism AD

Hey guys! In the process of adding EVEN MORE ol’ school Civet stuff in the store right now! Check out this ad pack from the 2005 days when we shot with Tim Armstrong for Nihilism  clothing long before we were even on Hellcat Records! 72 more words


The secret of the Thattinpuram

A flash of a long tail gleaming like burnished copper, accompanied by a sharp skreek disappeared into the thick canopy overhead. Ajit spotted the rufous tailed Asian Paradise flycatcher perched on a low branch. 1,407 more words


Civet coffee

Have you heard of civet coffee? It’s considered pricey and pretty rare. Listen to the cat…

Dear Aristotle,

Lady Baya weaverbird has put me in a spot. 550 more words

Aristotle's Mailbag

Phenylacetic acid

White flakes.

Warm, honeyed, metallic, sweaty odour, resembling rose with an animalic (castoreum) and jasmine-like nuance. Dry, medicinal, sweeter on dilution.

In traces it could lend interesting effects in jasmin, rose,  151 more words


Bali! Finally!

The air lingers permanently with the smell of burning incense.

Small, handwoven baskets filled with colorful flora can be found on every door step, every work space and every shrine — an offering that is made daily to the Hindu gods to both ask for blessings as well as to appease evil spirits. 2,011 more words

Kopi Luwak

This drink is which also derived from the berries of coffee, but before they are processed they are swallowed, partially digested and defecate from an animal called common palm civet. 326 more words

Why avoid Kopi Luwak?

By Germaine Leng

Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world and sells for roughly $420 per pound. Some claim that the coffee beans that have gone through the civet’s digestive system have a nice and smooth after-taste but others claim that it is likely to be just a marketing gimmick. 517 more words