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New Accela Developer Forum

As the number of developers using Accela’s platforms and APIs grows, we are seeing some exciting and innovative new ideas emerge and become working projects… 190 more words

Civic Hacking

Open Data at Accela Engage

Now that the 2014 edition of the Accela Engage conference is over, we wanted to circle back and share some of the presentations we used at the conference. 152 more words

Civic Hacking

The Promise and Pitfalls of Government APIs

Fresh off a week in San Diego for the annual Accela Engage conference (where Tim O’Reilly gave a keynote presentation) and some stolen hours over the weekend for hacking together an entry in the… 878 more words

Civic Hacking

App Challenge Winners Showcased at Accela Engage

Over on the Accela corporate blog, there is a new post with details on the winners of our Civic App challenge. Our two grand prize winners were showcased at the recent Accela Engage user conference. 39 more words

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Day in the life of the NYC Taxi Data

Here is the quick story of the NYC Taxi data. It’s a good example of how messy and fun civic technology can be.

Open Data

Turning Governments into Data Stewards

The civic entrepreneurs behind Open Counter recently launched a new service called Zoning Check that lets prospective businesses quickly and easily check municipal zoning ordinances to determine where they can locate a new business. 636 more words

Civic Hacking

The Hacker Ethos and Better Cities

The thing I’ve always loved about hackathons is how they make it possible for anyone to build something that can help fix a problem facing a neighborhood, community or city. 454 more words

Civic Hacking