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The Collaborative State

“Civic Hacking” is the awareness of a condition that is suboptimal in a neighborhood, community or place and the perception of one’s own ability to effect change on that condition.

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Hack 4 Reno Recap

This past weekend, our Developer Evangelism team had the pleasure of attending the Hack4Reno civic hackathon in Reno, NV.

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Civic Hacking

Cyber Warfare: All Aboard The Hack Train

In June 2011, The hacker group known as lulzsec (an offshoot of Anonymous) announced they were attacking governments, banks and large corporation and will leak all classified information, inviting anyone else to join them. 304 more words


Local Fix: News in My Ear, Mixed Message on Mobile and Algorithmic Ads

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Journalism Must Meet People Where They Are

Last weekend Larenellen McCann gave a terrific talk about community, technology and how we can and should build for “inclusive community participation.” As I watched the video, she kept talking about “civic tech” and “civic hacking” but I kept hearing “journalism” and “reporting.” The failures she is describing and the challenges she sets forth are as relevant for journalists and newsrooms as they are for technologists working in the public interest. 1,100 more words

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