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Re-Cycling Bike MOOP

Last year we brought you news of a program to do something useful that alsoaddresses the problem of hundreds thousands of Burner bikes that get dumped on the Playa each year. 193 more words


Transparency Report: The Decline of American Populism Has Been Self-Inflicted

Original Article:

People who feel financially secure vote, people who aren’t secure don’t, according to a Pew Research Center report released this morning. And because financially insecure Americans disproportionately identify with the Democratic Party, Democrats face a structural disadvantage, especially in mid-term elections. 1,114 more words

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Under Threat of Life

We prayed this morning for those affected by the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.

We prayed for grace and peace. This is our often prayer. It is our most familiar prayer. 372 more words


Gerlach School Community Garden

This Kickstarter seems like a good way for Burners to support our local community. Some of us might take fresh food for granted, but in Gerlach it’s 100 miles to the nearest school. 787 more words


The scientific reasons we should teach music to kids in school

Tom Barnes summarises the scientific reasons why schools in America should not cut music education, referencing studies into cognitive abilities, confidence, attendance levels and civic responsibility. 8 more words

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Decommodification, Decentralization and Direct Democracy

EndAllDisease has a lot of very interesting content, including this article about how Bitcoin is going to revolutionize all forms of electronic interaction. It is a societal change potentially as big as the Internet itself, one that contains the hope for a new type of transparent dialog between the rulers of our civilization and We the Burners. 3,050 more words