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Thinking Clean & Green

Today is Earth Day, where thousands worldwide are doing their bit to raise awareness on the issue of environmental protection. Here is a  photo-story by our guest blogger and avid photographer Ambuj Dixit who graphically narrates our contribution to civic pollution and recommends simple things that we can do to ensure  cleaner and greener environment.   1,735 more words

Earth Day

April 22

The first Earth Day was in 1970. Senator Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin, saw the protest movements that were happening all over the United States at the time and thought to harness that energy and focus it on pollution. 238 more words

Ten Years Older

Saturday my cousin-in-law graciously invited me to her birthday brunch.  It was the perfect number of women. A table of wildly accomplished and witty ladies. Lawyers, writers, singers, wives, mothers, readers, students, models, etc. 1,383 more words


Why voter restrictions are very civic minded and not racist or sexist

Voting is only really important at local levels and limiting the vote means that communities are much more able to do for self.

The problem is the type of restrictions, not that they exist. 601 more words


Racialization of Politics in the UK

Racialization of Politics in the UK

Kevin MacDonald

A major theme at TOO is the racialization of American politics—the tendency for politics to reflect racial/ethnic identities rather than economic interest, as was the rule in pre-multicultural America where the Democrats were the party of working class Whites. 1,144 more words

Western Culture

International Women’s Day, Equality for Women Means Progress for all Nations

UDiON Foundation congratulate and thank all those who advocated for women equality, women  empowerment and women right to vote and take active roll on tomorrows “International Women’s Day”. 1,435 more words

Publications & Editorials

We know where the homeless exist

There is a lot that happens around the world that we cannot control.

We cannot stop earthquakes, we cannot prevent droughts,

and we cannot prevent all the conflict. 16 more words

Pioneer Square