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School Lawyers Argue That 14 Year-Old Is Mature Enough To Consent To Have Sex With Teacher

LAUSD Argued Middle Schooler Can Consent To Sex With Teacher

” Last November, Los Angeles Unified School District lawyers fighting a civil lawsuit argued in court that a 14-year-old middle school student was mature enough to consent to having sex with her 28-year-old teacher, and that she bore some responsibility for what happened.

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The First Map Of Election 2016 Should Give Dems Pause

The First 2016 Electoral College Map Looks Bad For Democrats

” Gradually it is sinking in to Official Washington that the 2014 election could very well do to Democrats what the 1930 election did to Republicans: make them irrelevant for at least a generation.

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Gallup: Democrats Hit Record Low On Favorable Rating

Democratic Party Favorable Rating Falls To Record Low

” After the midterm elections that saw the Democratic Party suffer significant losses in Congress, a record-low 36% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of the party, down six percentage points from before the elections.

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Poll Shows Public Desire For GOP Congress To Set Agenda

Poll: Americans Want GOP Congress, Not Obama, To Set National Agenda

” Times have changed. A new Gallup poll finds that a large majority of Americans would like the Republican-controlled Congress, rather than President Obama, to set the direction for the country in the coming year, a marked change from 2012, when a slim majority said they preferred for Obama to guide the agenda. 

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Dem Denials Kick In: Obama Is Too Smart For Us Rubes To Understand And Other Excuses

The Three Most Laugh-Out-Loud Explanations For Dems’ Midterm Defeat

” No event on Earth generates more spin than a disaster.

  And so it was in the midst of Tuesday’s carnage and the hungover aftermath.

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Senator Grassley Releases The Zip Codes Of The Fed's Secret Illegal Immigrant Relocations

Courtesy Of Bluegrass Pundit 

   Below in the Scribd document released by Senator Charles Grassley you will find a list of the zip codes where the Fed’s have secretly dumped this past summer’s massive influx of illegal… 42 more words


Suffolk Board Of Elections SNAFU

Voter Outrage In Suffolk County

This morning I was denied the right to vote .

   Let me explain . When I showed up at my polling place at 6am this morning and walked over to my election district table to pick up my ballot imagine my surprise when the election official informed me that not only was my name not in the rolls but the book with the voter registration names in it that we have to sign into , without any ID mind you , was missing pages 1 through 10 and 12 through 60 .  365 more words