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The Latest Predictions For The Upcoming 2014 Senatorial Races

The Latest Wargaming Projections For November

” The short version: Since last month’s Wargaming column, almost all the movement has been to the right.

  The slightly longer version is that there are three factors in play here, none good for Harry Reid keeping his majority leader position, and time is running out to find honest ways of countering those factors.

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Kansas Declares October "Zombie Preparedness Month"

Why Is Kansas Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse?

” Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants his state to be ready when zombies arrive.

  And to make sure Kansas takes the zombie apocalypse seriously, Brownback plans to officially declare October “Zombie Preparedness Month” during a ceremonial event Friday at the Kansas Statehouse.

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We've All Wanted To Do Something like This To That Inconsiderate Driver ... LOL

REVENGE: Check Out What This Guy Did To A Jerk Taking Two Parking Spaces

” There’s not much that can be agreed upon between the left and the right in America, unless of course we’re talking about people who park like idiots.

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Wise Words From Abraham Lincoln

Courtesy Of The Convention Of States Project

” The people are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts – not to overthrow the Constitution , but to overthrow the men who pervert it “

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Hope & Change: Nearly 25% Of Americans Support Secession

One In Four Americans Want Their State To Secede From The U.S.

” For the past few weeks, as Scotland debated the wisdom of independence, Reuters has been asking Americans how they would feel about declaring independence today, not from the United Kingdom, but from the mother country they left England to create. 

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