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When Democracy Doesn't Work, Pick a Different Democracy?

With Congress at a 13% approval rating, it’s probably fair to say that the great democratic experiment is suffering just a little. Recent decisions by the Supreme Court striking down the giving limits for… 935 more words


God, World Vision, and the Culture War

The recent uproar surrounding the decision by World Vision to hire married homosexuals, and then the decision a couple of days later to reverse that decision, has begun to recede from the social media just a bit, but there is still plenty of opinion being thrown into the arena.   1,654 more words


Under the Black Flag: Massacre at Fort Pillow

An ugly fact of the Civil War is that the Confederate army on several occasions refused to accept the surrender of uniformed colored troops.  At least three such incidents occurred in 1864: Fort Pillow in April, the Crater in June, and Saltville in October. 1,195 more words


the lost art of civil discourse

I am not a crusader. I never have been and I don’t expect I ever will be. I really cannot stand politics and I cannot stand what politics is doing to our country and to my fellow countrymen and women. 901 more words


Light's offspring

The national discourse does not currently inspire much hope. Hope is to be found in the values espoused by such passages as Ephesians 5:1-14, today’s Lenten text. 143 more words


Weekly Story: A Party-Coloured Shield

Weekly Story

An Eighteenth Century scholar publishes a fable dated from the early days of Britian.

It happened, one day, that two knights, completely armed, one in black armor, the other in white, arrived from opposite parts of the country at this statue, just about the same time… 640 more words

Weekly Story

Goodbye, Mr. Phelps

I read in the news today that Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, is close to death.  Westboro Baptist, if you have not heard of them, is extremely opposed to homosexual people and anyone else who varies from the heterosexual norm.   917 more words