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Raising Media Aware & Current Events Savvy Kids: 21 Resources

We want to raise kids to be informed and active citizens without subjecting them to an information overload or current events-related despair. Here some activities and resources to make that easier. 1,267 more words


The Timeless Art of Debate

The timeless art of debate. At its greatest, it is a showcase of two opposing views finding mutual respect for each other’s perspectives and in the end each walks away not only swelling with pride at the affirmation of their own beliefs, but able to further understand the rationale behind their opponents differing opinions. 726 more words

Everyday Musings

Let God do His thing

In today’s charged atmosphere it is very difficult to speak what is on your heart without becoming marginalized by those who have a different viewpoint. There was a time in this world when we could disagree on even the most fundamental things and still maintain a civil, sometimes cordial and occasionally close relationship. 162 more words


Early's Raid on Washington: Monocacy, Fort Stevens and Retaliation at Chambersburg

In support of Grant’s Overland Campaign, the Yankees dispatched General Hunter to menace central Virginia.  Hunter chiefly occupies himself with burning houses and terrorizing Southern women and children.  1,297 more words


Looking Past the Stuffed Dog

Long before he was known as the host of “Deal or No Deal,” Howie Mandel was “Bobby” utilizing his best toddler voice. One of Mandel’s most enduring lines in my memory comes at the end of his “12 Days of Christmas” routine… 556 more words


Slaughter at Cold Harbor


May of 1864 has seen Grant break winter camp and move steadily south.  After almost a month of continuous combat, the exhausted armies face off on the old battlefield of Gaines Mill, on parallel lines about seven miles long near the villages of Old Cold Harbor and New Cold Harbor, just a few miles east of Richmond.  1,220 more words