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American Christian Education

When Education is expanded upon, it is deals with much more then simply the transformation of facts – it is delivering a belief system, and one that will reach out to as far as the nation’s civil government. 14,904 more words


7 Reasons Civil Government Must Uphold The Law of God (according to a Westminster divine)

These seven reasons why the civil magistrate must uphold the law of God are taken from Puritan and Westminster divine George Gillespie’s Wholesome Severity Reconciled with Christian Liberty.  589 more words

Ten Commandments

Socialism question:

Where is the consequences of peoples choices?

Civil Government

Extremes of Liberalism and Conservatism

These are the faces that show up in the evening news, twitter tweed’s, and ebook publications. They are the faces of passion. But passion in what?   123 more words

Civil Government

A New State Agency: Department of Ecclesiastical Subordination

“Faith-based” alliances and partnerships are all the rage.  Since January 2001 when George W. Bush — within days of being sworn in as president — created the… 722 more words

Civil Government

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Civil Government