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Your must-read on the Probation Department case

As you may have heard, former state Probation Department commissioner John O’Brien and two underlings have been convicted in federal court of charges related to patronage. 164 more words

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Thursday Reads: Towards a More Perfect Union

Good Morning!!

Today’s beautiful messages and images can be found here. 
The reactionary and wildly creative decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are already having ramifications across the country where women, minorities, and the GLBT community are having to fight for their very basic rights.   2,392 more words

Morning Reads

A Return to the Culture Wars?

This has not been a good Supreme Court term for the Obama administration. Damon Root (Reason) has a quick and delightful overview of some of the key decisions.  388 more words

Civil Liberties

Not a Bad Week…

It remains unclear where we are heading in Iraq and whether the IRS investigation will gain much traction. But this was a pretty good week for the Supreme Court. 222 more words

Civil Liberties

Your whole life is on your mobile phone—and that's why US cops can't search it when they arrest you

If you get arrested in the United States, police officers can search you without waiting to ask a judge. Until today, that search might also include your mobile phone—an object that potentially contains everything from your e-mails to financial records to GPS coordinates of your travels. 311 more words

Spoils of War [Surplus] continued

A few weeks ago I posted on the distribution of war surplus to state and local law enforcement agencies under the DOD’s Excess Property Program. This is all part of a larger trend detailed in the ACLU’s new report, … 260 more words

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Who Made Us Gatekeepers?

Hi guys! Today’s comic touches on gatekeepers and technology. It’s a theme that figures heavily in the next Rachel Peng novel*, but won’t get too much more time in the comic. 620 more words