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Justice delayed is justice denied

A young black man, Kalief Browder of the Bronx, was arrested shortly before his 17th birthday and held for three years in jail without trial before his case was finally dismissed. 364 more words

Civil Liberties

A ‘No Social Media List’ For Extremists And Potential Terrorists?

By Michael Snyder – End Of The American Dream

You have heard of the “No Fly List”, right?  Well, now the Tories are pledging that if they win the next election in the UK they will establish a list of “extremists” that will have to have their social media posts “approved in advance by the police” before they post them.  1,724 more words

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Greater surveillance and deeper silence | Melissa Parke

Melissa Parke was the only major party MP to speak out against the new national security laws.

Quixotic, perhaps, but worth noting and honouring.

So far the debate on this issue has occurred within a frame that posits a direct relationship between, on the one hand, safety and civility in our everyday lives and, on the other, the powers that impinge upon and make incursions into individual freedom.

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Libertarian Party submits statement in opposition to Oregon "top two"

From the LP headquarters…

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark submitted the below statement in opposition to Oregon’s “top two” ballot Measure 90 for inclusion in the state’s voter pamphlet. 361 more words


Protesting, Civil Disobedience, and Your Civil Rights

Remember that the two most important things you need to do prior to performing any kind of civil disobedience are:

Civil Liberties

But what can we do? Un-learning Helplessness

Gravel crunched under the tires as we navigated the long winding drive under the arching oaks, with their Spanish moss garlands waving gently in the breeze…I arrived at the Ocala Thoroughbred farm around 10 AM, to take advantage of the good light for a portrait of their star stallion. 614 more words

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