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Pakistan's Protests – What they Mean and Why they Matter

One could be forgiven for missing the most recent bit of troubling news out of Pakistan these last few weeks, what with the national media’s eye currently… 1,626 more words


Through the Public's Eye

How does the Russian military look in the public’s eye?  The Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) asked recently, and the answers showed a fairly substantial improvement in the average citizen’s view of the capabilities of the armed forces. 343 more words

Civil-Military Relations

Analysis Paper: The Importance of Civil-Military Cooperation in Stability Operations

This analysis paper examines the issues and challenges of civil-military integration and cooperation within stability operations. Recent US deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have demonstrated ineffective civil-military relations in the various important elements of stability operations that require cooperation such as improving security through the deployment of military and police forces, ensuring effective humanitarian relief, and finally improving capacity-building in the host country through development and governance. 97 more words


Partnering to Counter Terrorism in Africa

Source: The White House Office of the Press Secretary

As the 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania underscored, Africa-based terrorists threaten the interests of the United States in addition to those of our African partners.  1,534 more words

Terrorism: Emerging Threats, Prevention, Response

What Do We Do With the Officer Corps?

Whether revolution arrives in the normal tidal wave of violence or, by good fortune, peacefully, the core “civil security” problem remains: what to do with the military? 703 more words