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Coding Crisis in Civil-Military Relations

By Steve Saideman

Tom Ricks argued recently that there is a fundamental problem in American civil-military relations: “We need presidents willing to listen and learn from dissenting generals — and generals who know how to dissent in strategic discussions, and are willing to do so.” Folks on Twitter pushed back, arguing that the biggest problem is the perception of veterans as powder kegs, likely simply to explode in rage or become white supremacists. 1,038 more words


ISPR — there is no licence for 'waqar'!, The Daily Times, April 12, 2014


War is a dirty business and soldiers resort to ruthless behaviour in the heat of action, but when the video footage of the execution of a wounded Taliban militant by a British soldier was made public by the media, the young soldier was tried and awarded a life sentence… 939 more words

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Civil-Military Interaction in Peacebuilding

Lisa Schirch and David Cortright

In recent decades, international peacekeeping missions have become more robust and multi-dimensional, involving diverse civilian and military actors. In many cases, civilian peacebuilding and development actors are on the ground throughout the conflict, sharing operational environments with military forces that increasingly engage in civilian activities. 643 more words

Civil-military Relations