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Interview with Peter Gardella, Author of American Civil Religion

Peter Gardella, author of American Civil Religion: What Americans Hold Sacred, is Professor of World Religions at Manhattanville College, and is the author of three other books on American religion. 2,057 more words

American Exceptionalism

I'm Going to Set Your Flag on Fire

In Paris just a few weeks ago, a few men attacked employees of the controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo in response to mocking images of the Prophet Muhammad. 495 more words


Statolatry I: José Rizal is your god and your god hates chickens

There are two concepts which describe an action, used (or at least should be used) in the construction of the laws:

malum in se… 1,159 more words


From the US Army: Communism as religion

I need to be grading right now, but I’m brooding about the CIA torture report. It’s put me in mind of a text I encountered a couple years ago–an excerpt from a 1989 manual that the US army used at the School of the Americas to train Latin Americans in counterinsurgency, i.e., in how to suppress left-wing movements. 272 more words

John-Charles Duffy

Cold War Jigsaw

[#22 in a semester-long series on “Religion in America.” Click here for the initial post, or here for the previous post; the syllabus is available on Academia.edu] 506 more words

Religion In America