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Giã từ vũ khí - Khi nào và tại sao phản kháng dân sự thành công (Kỳ 1)

Căn cứ trên nghiên cứu về lịch sử đấu tranh trên thế giới trong thế kỷ 20 và đầu thế kỷ 21, Erica Chenoweth và Maria J. 5,035 more words

Làm Quan

Xinjiang or East Turkestan: Contending Historical Narratives and the Politics of Representation in China

July 5th marked the fifth anniversary of a series of bloody events in Xinjiang collectively labeled as the 7/5 Urumqi riots. Immediately afterward, state and international media set to reporting and analyzing the conflict, scholars and international human rights organizations soon joined. 2,941 more words


Steve Clemens: Going to Jail as Solidarity, Doing Time in Des Moines

 Drone Protest Trial

By Steve Clemens  Mennonista   June 27, 2014

I spent 20 hours on the boundary between discomfort and pain. I thought of Martin Luther King writing about redemptive suffering and offered my time in the noisy, cold, boring void of the Polk County Jail on behalf of my despondent and discouraged friends in Afghanistan. 3,293 more words


New Piece in Foreign Affairs, and Kumi Naidoo on Nonviolent Action

Maria Stephan and I have a new piece in Foreign Affairs talking about why civil resistance still works, despite the fact that the world is looking mighty violent… 50 more words

Civil Resistance

The contentious politics of China’s New Citizens Movement

This article was originally published by openDemocracy.net on June 6, 2014. Available here.


Corruption has been among the grievances that have inspired civil resistance and toppled empires, even in some of the most authoritarian regimes. 2,155 more words


The Enemy of Democracy - Philippine Edition

“I’m not about to say it’s the PH government, but it’s the PH gov“


Reviewing 7th grade social studies (thank you, Miss Estepa), an independent state is composed of three things: 2,513 more words


Urging Nonviolence After Tiananmen

In commemoration of the Tiananmen Massacre, the following is from a pamphlet issued by the Autonomous Federation of Students on June 4th, 1989. It outlines and reiterates the need to remain nonviolent. 238 more words