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Exhuming McCarthy ~ Crazy Right Wingers ~ The Body PolitiK

So the newest crazy theory making it’s way through the Right Wing Repeater Stations (not really bloggers) is America Again!

They seem to think that they can indict members of Congress for various violations of state laws, through various states Grand Jury process, and then offer them a “plea bargain” where in the now convicted member of Congress promises to promote their agenda. 283 more words

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Use of Lethal Force by Police Agencies ~ Opinionated Krew

A Riverside Deputy shot himself in the leg while attempting to serve an eviction notice.

Rather than just walk out the gated yard, the deputy pulled his gun and shot himself in the leg accidentally. 286 more words

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On "Domestic Terrorists" ~ The KaDoh! Institute

Harry Reid is one of the most small minded, bigoted men I have run across.

Try to work to resolve some difficulty?  Not Harry, no freaking way.   459 more words

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On "Military Hardware" ~ Fact Kheck Krew

InfiniteFreeTime received some Matchbox cars from his mom for his son for Easter.

And actually the little cop car is pretty cool.

Can’t have a cop car without carefully-molded 

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Repost - Blogger - April 27, 2007 - I Just Don't Get It

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I Just Don’t Get ItApril 27, 2007


I was listening to a segment on NPR a few hours ago, that was discussing a ruling in New Hampshire that legalized civil unions for same-sex couples. 324 more words

"Elite News" Founder, Civil Rights Activist Bill Blair Dead At 92

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Former baseball player, journalist, civil rights activist and Dallas native Bill Blair has died at the age of 92.  Blair passed away at his daughter’s home in Campbell, Texas.  271 more words