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Reporting From Ferguson, Missouri–Grand Jury Watch #5, "Ferguson--Potential Political Fallout For The Administration?"

Photo Credit:  Protesters gather across the street from the Ferguson, Mo., police station. | AP Photo

Obama urged a small group of the nation’s top civil rights leaders and their organizations to work to keep the peace while ensuring protesters’ free-speech rights. 458 more words


Mourners Gather To Remember Ex-Gov. Sanders

ATLANTA (AP) — Mourners gathered Saturday at an Atlanta church to honor former Gov. Carl Sanders and his efforts to improve civil rights in Georgia. 122 more words

Thoughts on "Desexualizing the Modern Gay Man"

One of the topics I consider is sexualization and how it affects me personally, and my community. This topic was brought up to me again by this article, … 1,047 more words

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High School Students Refuse to Take State-wide Tests*

High School Students Refuse to Take State-wide Tests*

By Amy Bounds

More than 1,500 Boulder Valley high-school students — 84% of the district’s seniors — refused to take the state’s new science and social studies tests Thursday in a widespread protest against how much classroom time is devoted to standardized testing. 681 more words


#NCSS14: Legacy Voices of Civil Rights Heroes

I am so looking forward to this session. This is very cool.

Seriously. How cool is it to listen to stories from people like this? 911 more words


Crisis in East Jerusalem

Israel and the Third Intifada? 

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – The Israeli government knows how to provoke a response from the Palestinians. They are repressing the Palestinians by controlling their right to enter the sacred Al-Aqsa mosque located in the Old City of Jerusalem. 356 more words

Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings

By F. William Engdahl

Global Research, November 22, 2014

21st Century Wire and Global Research

      Yanoukovitch, ousted president of Ukraine

This article –which recounts the events of the November Euromaidan 2013 Sniper Shootings was first published in March 2014… 453 more words