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The Police vs. Justice: Our Police Are Now Arresting Defense Attorneys

San Francisco police have arrested a public defender for “resisting arrest” on the basis of “obstructing a police investigation,” after the public defender objected to police officers questioning and taking pictures of her client in a courtroom hallway. 211 more words

Current Events

Nashville Evangelical Church Comes Out For Marriage Equality

Three Sundays ago in Franklin, Tenn., twenty minutes south of Nashville and in the heart of the country’s contemporary Christian music industry, pastor Stan Mitchell of GracePointe Church preached what was perhaps the most important sermon of his life. 1,207 more words

When Homophobes Attack

I am what you would probably call a semi-out lesbian.  Out on social media.  Out at work.  Out to my friends.  Out to some (but not all) of my family.  400 more words


Première Guerre Mondiale

Dans la même année que les États-Unis entrent dans la Première Guerre mondiale (1917), des manifestations anti-noires ont lieu à St. Louis, Illinois et plus de 100 citoyens noirs sont tués ou blessés.  260 more words


Ask A Popped Brotha: An Intro

Welcome to the introductory post for the Ask a Popped Brotha series of the Popped Black Woman Blog. I’m excited to introduce you all to a man that I look up to a great deal who happens to be my husband and the father of my 1 year old daughter, Mr. 607 more words

Black Women

'Friendship Nine' exonerated 54 years after they were sent to jail for sitting at 'whites-only' lunch counter

It was a simple act of defiance that helped change the racist face of America. And 54 years after nine young black men were sentenced to hard labour in a chain gang for ordering lunch at a “whites only” counter, the survivors have finally been exonerated. 569 more words


Bridges to History

I am not a celebrity photographer, nor have I ever aspired to be.

For most of my life, I have chosen to tell the stories of those who live in the shadows of life, usually clothed in struggle and far removed from the spotlight of fame. 935 more words