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snoring sheep

The cyber war finally made it to primetime and it did so only after a B rated movie for millennial’s was pulled from release.  Incredible that we can’t rally as a nation or a people unless we get information in the context of entertainment.  244 more words

Civil Unrest

obama tribes up

Cuba is not about tourism or improved relations, it’s about cold, calculated Russia strategy. The courtship will be very fast if it doesn’t  work, falling out of the news cycle like Ferguson did.  65 more words

Civil Unrest

Modest Proposal

**** Disclaimer: This piece is 100% SATIRICAL and is modeled after the famous work by Jonathan Swift. ****

It has come to my attention that the current state of affairs in our most beautiful country must come to a halt in order to ensure the welfare of all citizens. 770 more words

Civil Rights

touchy topics

KC Cops Profile Those They Believe Need Money

Don’t miss understand me because this is a positive story but…

How can you deny profiling for criminals acts when you go to the same well to hand out hundred dollar bills? 48 more words

Civil Unrest

the intangibles

Ever noticed what we concentrate on these days to define our safety? It used to be things like murder, rape, shootings, stabbings… empirical violations of a Ten Commandment based architecture.  325 more words