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Letting Brazil's Homeless Speak for Themselves

Julie Ruvolo – City Lab, 11/12/2014

“Life on the street is hard. We confront prejudice every single day. People already assume you’re a bum; their eyes glaze over; they define you as someone who isn’t worth anything, and treat you with disdain. 164 more words


Umbrella Revolution: October Round-Up

After camping for over a month in the main streets of Hong Kong, student activist resulted to protest in front of Chief Leung Chung-ying’s residence. This incident was the result of the lack of progress made during peaceful pro-democratic talks with the executive.   117 more words

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Brazilians March in Sao Paulo to Demand Political Reform

teleSUR, 11/04/2014

Brazilians demand Rousseff fulfill her campaign promise to hold a referendum on political reform in the country. Dozens of social movements and organizations took to the streets of Sao Paulo Tuesday to demand a referendum to install Constituent Assembly that would pave the way for a reform of the Brazilian political and electoral system. 104 more words

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Thug Brown was high, going for cops gun when shot


That’s right sports fans, Obama’s DOJ and FBI have released the autopsy showing Michael Brown was going for Wilson’s gun. He had powder burns on his wounds and his blood was on the gun. 139 more words

Civil Unrest

Fǎzhì (法治) [Op-Ed Discussion]

To better understand Mr. Gewirtz’s opinion editorial, it is important to have a basic understanding of Chinese “rule of law”. Fǎzhì (法治) in Chinese is based on Confucianism and Legalism philosophies that enforce law and criminal sanction. 383 more words

Civil Unrest

Martial Law in Thailand

Thailand has been a Constitutional Monarchy since 1932 and has experienced 18 coups d’etat, (the most recent in may). The Prime Minister ( now General Prayuth Chan-ocha) serves as head of a parliamentary government and a hereditary Thai king(King Bhumibol Aduyadej) functions as head of state, yet has no political authority. 157 more words

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Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution [Update]

After steady weeks of protests, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chun-yin states that he is “prepared to focus on the issue”  ( The demands from student protesters of his resignation and the right to openly elect a new Chief Executive). 79 more words

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