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Yo Tambien Exigo

The open-mic protest that was to take place in Havana was stopped by Cuban authorities. They arrested , from what the article says, at least 3 dissidents who were planning to hold this free speech protest. 47 more words

Civil Rights

Blood Ban Against Homosexuals Revised

FDA has revised their blood donation policy that bans homosexual men from donating blood. Their new policy would stipulate that homosexual men will be allowed to donate blood if they are celibate for at least a year. 89 more words

Civil Rights

Police Brutality Round-up

After the Ferguson riots, it is apparent that the number of police brutality incidents have spiked rather than decreased.  Cases like that of Eric Garner in New York City who was killed after a local police officer used  chokehold on the man ( that was angst the policies of NYPD) have instilled a general sense of distress and resentment towards the police force in the general public. 74 more words

Civil Rights

Police Cameras

President Obama has begun a pilot program that will equip police officers of the country with body cameras. After the various riots against police and police brutality incidents president Obama and Congress are over seeing a program that will provide at least 32 million dollars to local police departments.  39 more words

Civil Rights

big houses

I am hell bent on bugging in. I spent 20 years close enough to the federal government to believe the dog was eating its tail at a terrific rate.  709 more words


the discretionary bag


There is nothing cooler and expensive than a well stocked bug out bag. But, as I continue to learn this prepping craft, I don’t see priority in the bug out concept.  357 more words


The $40,000 Bet


My family plan was as abruptly authored as my decision to start prepping.  In hindsight, I should have worked on a marketing plan to deliver said plan to my millennial children and son in law.  288 more words