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Drone Strikes: Immoral and Indefensible

My fellow blog-writers have done a great job pointing out the imprecision and illegality of using drone strikes as a counter-terrorism weapon. But even beyond these more clinical and political calculations, we must see that the United States’ use of drone strikes is morally indefensible. 740 more words


Declaring War on War

During the first five years of drone operations in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, more than 2,400 people have died, and according to the most reliable… 437 more words

Civilian Casualties

Israeli drone commander admits killing the innocent & intends to continue

Palestinians say: “ISIS are barbaric savages but what should we call US mass murderers of civilians?”

In the Daily Mail, Larisa Brown ‘humanised’ … 102 more words

Drone Strikes

It Will Backfire.

This ongoing drone strike program will indeed backfire on everyone from American government officials to the everyday American citizen. Yes, drones strikes have taken down a few of the most powerful terrorist leaders, but these terrorist groups declare that it is not over yet. 1,187 more words


How Far Are We Willing To Go?

When the subject of war comes up in conversation, rarely does one think about the legality of each party’s actions. All that is on people’s minds is the safety of their home. 625 more words


The US Needs to Step Up and Take Responsibility

In his New York Times opinion article, Avery Plaw, associate professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts, defended the US use of drones abroad. 335 more words