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An eerie quiet permeates the village. Even the crickets clinging to the long grass seem reluctant to make any noise. Unlike most vibrant and lively african villages, these houses lie abandoned, no goats bleating, no chickens squawking. 270 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Rays of Hope in Gaza

Boys in the Jerash Palestinian refugee camp, 2011. Photo by Omar Chatriwala.

This article compares the number of children who have died with the number of militants.   60 more words

Drones: Moral or Immoral?

In his Daily Beast article, Mark McKinnon makes claims in support of the drone program and it’s morality. He believes it is morally just to send drones overseas instead of soldiers. 416 more words


Drone Strikes: Immoral and Indefensible

My fellow blog-writers have done a great job pointing out the imprecision and illegality of using drone strikes as a counter-terrorism weapon. But even beyond these more clinical and political calculations, we must see that the United States’ use of drone strikes is morally indefensible. 740 more words


Declaring War on War

During the first five years of drone operations in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, more than 2,400 people have died, and according to the most reliable… 437 more words

Civilian Casualties