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The doll

A very strange picture for this Wednesday. The original negative glass plate was broken, but we can clearly this French soldier with his family. Did you notice the doll in alsatian costume of the little girl?  48 more words


Number 33 - Wrote to someone living in a war-zone

I am a pacifist. I am 100% for the non-violent resolution of conflicts and do not believe a war can ever be won because lives have been lost in the process (and it doesn’t matter which side they were on, whether they were civilians or soldiers, because they were all someone’s children, someone’s parents, someone’s loved ones, and that makes it terrible).  276 more words

AFOQT Results & Meeting the Lieutenant

Normally, there is a quick turnaround for AFOQT assessment. I didn’t mention in my last post that the exam is done on a scantron card and needs to be manually graded so you don’t get an instant result. 886 more words

Air Force

Satellite 4 the 65th British Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow

I’m almost tempted to use the ‘Better late than never’ excuse for this event mention, but even that barely applies, or excuses, my failure to the notice the arrival of a Glasgow Eastercon. 193 more words


More bricks

After noticing a batch of various brick at Mount Vernon Stadium (or the place that used to be Mount Vernon Stadium) I noticed a few of the bricks I had lying around the garage had different brickmarks (names cast into their faces) than those found at the stadium site. 319 more words


Number 29 - Helped promote peace

Anzac Day, the Remembrance Day in Australia and New Zealand, is next week. As in the UK, it is popular to wear a red poppy as a sign of respect to the soldiers who died in wars. 200 more words

The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

I had bought some years ago several negatives on glass plates on eBay; these ones were in bad state and borrowed to my neighbour, who’s a photographer. 74 more words