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Does share mean mine?

I have become increasingly confused over the last few years about what exactly the word “share” means. For many years I thought the word “share” meant to partition something, to divide it up, or to take turns in using something. 714 more words


An Organization Can Only Grow as Large as the Top Man Lets It

Having worked with small, medium, and large companies, and been a member of several organizations, I often wondered why some seem to grow, some seem to shrink, while others never change size.   587 more words



Now, I’m about to Point Fingers

Truth must be told…

In Nigeria, the North is guiltier of religious intolerance than the South. As I travel around this country, evidences pop-up every so frequently. 519 more words


Andrea James f*cking hates me. [tw: t-slur]

Did you know that only 20% of the GLAAD board was assigned female at birth (AFAB)?

Did you know that bisexual people are under-represented on the GLAAD board compared to the percentage of bisexuals in the general population? 1,031 more words


Pope Meets With Sudanese Woman Condemned for Apostasy

I am not Catholic, but what I love about this humble Pope shines through in these photos – the Pope, the revered leader of the Christian world, is standing, while the family sits in his presence. 435 more words

Living Conditions

Move It on Over

In the laundromat the other day. I was carrying my Santa Claus sack, and the usual welter of customers, employees, and laundry carts made passage difficult. 244 more words

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