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Mystics with Tool Kits

My partner, James, is a man of few words. A man dis-inclined to effusive expressions. A man who doesn’t see much point in talking about the spiritual realm. 743 more words


My Facebook Hiatus: Revelations and Resolutions

During my self-imposed Lenten hiatus from Facebook, I missed some things and I didn’t miss others. Here they are, with a few resolutions and some of my favorite pics thrown in for good measure. 864 more words


Heartbleed vs. Proportionality

I gave-out my online passwords.

At tax time, in the Washington Post, I made an anti-panic comment concerning the virtual world’s Heartbleed ‘bug’.  The American media has been raging-on over what a devastating cyber effect the notorious bugger will have on Internet security.  2,583 more words


CEM 21 No. 53 2014, Writing

In another professional life I once worked for a company where people were verbally berated, insulted, and disrespected for saying “please” and “thank you”, among other civil and courteous remarks. 357 more words


Civility Project #1: Pay Attention

Working at a school for kids who have special needs, I spend a lot of my time with children who tend to be pitied for their challenges. 751 more words

Undesirable changes in language.

A while ago, noted biologist P.Z. Myers was asked during a live radio debate not to call Geoffrey Simmons (of all people) an “ignorant” for considering it uncivil. 225 more words


That Shepherd Character Thing

There’s a place for the shepherdess, but there is a huge, overwhelming need for men to rebel against social mythology.

Guys, nothing in Christ’s teaching requires you to be nice all the time in every context. 891 more words