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It’s time for followers of Christ around the world to stand up and courageously declare that we aren’t angry and aren’t all dopey rubes who believe the internet memes and alarmist headlines that try to turn us against our neighbors! 845 more words

Just Life

Synod 2014: Lessons on the Process from Vatican II

So much hyperventilation!  Bishops fighting bishops!  “The press is out of control!”  “Translations are all messed up!”  “Release the information!”  “Don’t release the information!”  “This is bringing scandal to the world!” 1,187 more words

Vatican II

Speech, Civility, and Guns

A few days ago Marty Kich posted an item on this blog that reported an effort by gun-rights advocates in Oklahoma to pass legislation that will allow guns to be brought onto the state’s 25 public college and university campuses.  588 more words

Academic Freedom

The Death of Common Civility Part I: Eliminating Cruise Control As An Option From Your Car

It is a more frequent occurrence to join together with friends or colleagues to lament the death of common civility in watercooler or back room conversations around the office, or in quick snippets of phone conversations, or in the shared whispers of quick hallway exchanges.   451 more words

'I Am'

I find it absolutely amazing how whatever follows the two words ‘I am’ completely defines our view of a person, and ultimately of humanity. If you think about it’s true. 512 more words


A beautiful moment between two strangers.. followed by a crazy moment realigning the universe.

I was on the Omnitrans Green Line heading home from a job today when I saw two strangers bond over candy and consumer goods. Every seat on the bus was full so I stood in the back where the bikes go. 552 more words

Why It's Impossible for Followers of Jesus to Hate Gays

Because gays are people.

Several years ago I stopped referring to myself as a “Christian” because I felt the term was too broad. It simply doesn’t communicate very well. 1,571 more words