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The Media Confirms Dungy's Point

I want Michael Sam to succeed at football. I want him to succeed at football because he’s good at football; not because he’s gay, not because he’s black, not because he’s from Mizzou, and certainly not because a media machine threatens to assassinate the character of anyone who doesn’t make Michael Sam’s NFL career about his sexuality instead of his playing ability. 1,115 more words

A model of how to care for the elderly

Ageism could materialise as an important issue in the 2015 local government elections. According to the last census, over 16% of the electorate are over 65. 440 more words

Local News

Religious Freedom & Hobby Lobby: Who Is Imposing What on Whom?

Hobby Lobby is a privately owned, for-profit, arts and crafts business that has always provided contraceptive coverage in its insurance plan for employees. It continues to do so. 1,807 more words



I’ve heard more than one person say it isn’t taught anymore, or that kids don’t have it anymore. But from where I sit, most of those who demonstrate a serious lack of respect are adults. 514 more words


Today we had one of those moments I want to remember long after the seminary experience has ended.

A few weeks back, our downstairs neighbor came up to apologetically tell us that something in our girls’ bedroom was making a loud noise all night long and keeping them awake. 500 more words

Apartment Living

Free Speech in France Decided on a Case-by-case Basis

Apparently a restaurant owner in France has successfully sued a blogger/critic for hurting his business.

I would have thought that blogging under one’s own name and from a site with a reputation to maintain, non-anonymously, would guard against some of the worst tendencies of the Internet, but in this case the blogger’s choice to use her real name and make it possible to find her is in effect being punished.  56 more words

Politics And Public Policy

Our "Wars" and Why We Fight Them

Ever wonder what’s up with the ubiquitous use of the word “war” to describe some political or cultural cause? A glance at the headlines reveals that we are a nation at war with ourselves. 1,245 more words

Civil Religion