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Grand Tour - inspired by a statue in the centre of Vienna

How can I even begin to describe what it is like to stride across the broad white streets, the broad white streets of Vienna, if even the most potent words cannot convey the feeling of unjustified pride that fills the heart while being overpowered by the Palaces of Men, by the bastions of our civilization? 48 more words


Hippocracy Now!

I just saw Hippocrates which opens for an exclusive First Run at the Cinematheque in Downtown Vancouver tomorrow evening (Jan 30).

It’s a French film set in a large urban hospital and it gives us a glimpse into how things run in that medical system.  238 more words

Chateau Heartiste Explained

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading several topics from Chateau Heartiste (aka Roissy), along with his comment section. After finalizing several conclusions, I’ve decided to unfollow his blog and several others will be coming up… My reasons? 1,361 more words


Reservoir hogs

COULD São Paulo run out of water? The idea of South America’s biggest metropolis, home to 20m people, lacking something so basic seems fanciful. Yet shortages this year have forced schools to suspend classes and restaurants to shut in smaller towns across São Paulo state, where a fifth of Brazilians live and a third of GDP is produced. 40 more words