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Defining Civilization

Will Durant provided us a very good, brief summary of what civilization really is: “Civilization is social order promoting cultural creation. Four elements constitute it: economic provision, political organization, moral traditions and the pursuit of knowledge and the arts. 487 more words



After 1500.B.C, the written book by Thomas Oberlies “Die Religion Rgveda”, wien, 1988/Gabin Flood’s “An introduction to Hinduism”, 1996, said that all those written in the Hinduism cannot even come near to the absolute truth, knowledge that lies in this prehistoric scientific religion, the KIRATI, who once flourished all over the mountain kingdom of Nepal and far to the India… 140 more words


Of Dead Family Members and Getting to Know Them

Some years ago a radio commentator expressed revulsion toward the popular fascination with genealogy. To make his argument short, he did not see the point. In his view all of those people are dead and gone. 639 more words

Jesus Christ

I believe that auto-flush toilets will be the downfall of civilization.

You would really have to be living in a cave to not be aware of the current ongoing apocalyptic trends.  I cancelled our cable subscription and still am inundated with every type of apocalypse scenario man (or woman) can imagine.  784 more words

Public / Participatory Art Post #5: A conversation with Linda Russo

I went to the People’s Climate March, and I walked, and then I came home. I may or may not write something about it here; I will certainly link to things other people write about it, but not right now. 38 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

Vladimir Putin: What game is he playing?

“Is Putin Going for a Civ style Conquest Victory?” Or “International Politics is a Strategy game played by noobs.”

The question has raged in my mind lately, and as a gamer I think its fair to ask: What is Vladimir Putin’s goals with Ukraine? 272 more words


Black Masculinity, Domestic Violence and Fake Outrage

Over the past several weeks, there has been a lot of headlines and unnecessary attention aimed towards the personal lives of black athletes playing for the NFL, particularly regarding incidents of… 2,256 more words