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Things That Don't Sit Well

I know it’s a vice, but I was browsing the Savage Blog this morning. What can I say? When I’m home alone even reading about people complaining about their lives feels like company. 751 more words

Media Commentary



Aggression never start at adult age as people think. It is what you take at young age that builds up of what you are. 236 more words


Game review: Banished

A small group of travelers is banished from their previous civilization and wander into the forests to start over and establish their own society. As time passes, it’s clear that there are numerous challenges: avoiding starvation, having enough firewood and warm clothes to survive the winter, fighting disease, and replacing the workers’ tools as they wear out. 1,146 more words


Day two

Here we go with day two of trying to blog. I still have no idea what to write about here so I guess for now I will just ramble a bit. 75 more words

The Machine in the Garden -- Literally, This Time

In an earlier post, which a friend says is his favorite, I used Leo Marx’s image of the machine in the garden to reflect on a childhood spent in a place entangled in the roots of my family tree. 249 more words

Of Water And Trees

Breath of Fresh Fall

This fall is a real stunner here in Minnesnowta, and it’s been heavily Instagrammed with #nofilter because #nofilterneeded when Mother Nature is being such a badass. 104 more words


Rediscovering a Better, Broader View of History

Husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant decided back in the 1930s to write a comprehensive history of the world over the span of more than four decades. 340 more words

World History