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Dave vs Jaime - Civ 5 Part 5

Greece(Jaime) may be running the table after acting like they didn’t know what they were doing. Which only means that Russia(Dave) really needs get their crap together. 19 more words


Our Common Recovery

The journey of all “Americans” has been hijacked by the illusion and myth that the United States is a society of people with shared interests and equal opportunities. 567 more words

Human Condition

Civilization Serisinin Tüm Oyunlarının Satışları Yirmi Bir Milyon Barajını da Aştı



Sid Meier’ın efsane strateji serisi Civilization, bugünlerde halen Firexis Games ve 2K Games işbirliğinde başarıyla geliştirilmeye devam ediliyor. İçerdiği kendine has oyun yapısı ile tüm strateji oyunları arasında özel bir yere sahip olan seri, ulaştığı satış rakamları ile de ne denli devasa bir kitleye hitap ettiğini kanıtlamakta. 131 more words



Yellow blooms

emergent darkness

rain hollows

ravaged soil

taxis idle

mapping alter courses

enter here

can still outrun

save my 561.


A Quantum Step

Don’t follow me; search the pattern of my walk to find your own path.

Yesterday I summarized afresh the concept of levels of awareness: This is merely a clinical expression of spiritual truth. 886 more words


Henry David Thoreau: “The Maine Woods” (1864, posthumous)

The Anglo-American can indeed cut down, and grub up all this waving forest, and make a stump speech, and vote for Buchanan on its ruins, but he cannot converse with the spirit of the tree he fells, he cannot read the poetry and mythology which retire as he advances.

951 more words
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