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Kurtz and the Silence of the Horror

The echo of Kurtz’s final words resonates clearer and louder than ever. The horror. The horror. The last whispers of the charismatic and ruthless leader are the seal over the experience of the absurd violence ruling human existence. 672 more words


Archaeogaming at the University of Leiden (Guest Post!)


Today’s post is by Aris Politopoulos, a veteran gamer and Ph.D student at the University of Leiden. He recently spoke to his friends at Leiden’s Archaeology Forum on the subject of Archaeogaming. 1,088 more words


Bringing an End to the Uncivilized Era

A suggested YouTube video came through my feed and it makes me want to share it with the world. We choose. It takes one to show the way and another to follow; and then another, and then another. 47 more words

The Institutionalization of the STEM Cycle


In a series of posts I have been outlining a theory of the particular variety of civilization that we find today, which I call… 1,615 more words


Egyptology can help us future-proof our culture

The scientific community has recently begun to think hard about natural and technological existential risks to human beings: a wandering asteroid, an unfortunately timed gamma-ray burst, a warming planet. 78 more words


Burn Down the Prison

Ferguson, in contrast to LA, is unfolding in a new period of crisis, in which the growth of wealth is taking place against an unparalleled decrease in the living standards of working people: stagnant and declining wages; casualized part time labor; deep and systemic slashes in public assistance; cuts to infrastructure, public health, education, and transportation; mass incarceration and criminalization of Black and Brown people.   108 more words