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No more hiding behind aliases

I’ve decided to ditch the alias I’ve been using on Kinja pages (like IO9) and Tor.com and start using my real name.

Fake names and aliases tend to inspire people to do and say things they wouldn’t do or say when people know who they are. 320 more words


"Glad Prospect" (1914)

Glad Prospect

Some day with philanthropic care

We’ll take our customs everywhere

And teach the nations to be good

And always do the things they should. 112 more words


Staying in San Antonio

Ok. So here’s my take on Drury Plaza Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Clean rooms. Direct access to the Riverwalk & free drinks. Free WIFI. Free breakfast, too. 1,005 more words

Just Letting You Know . . .

Why I Prefer To Embrace My Primal Nature

It’s been a while since I’ve written in Ralfh’s blog. Not because I don’t think about him, because I think about him every day. I think about him whenever I open my phone, I think about him in reference to Caesar, and, most recently, I think about how his nature and instincts are so much better than many of the people I know. 1,022 more words


When the hell did it become ok to kill kids?

This week I have seen a picture of a young baby with the back of his head blown off by Israel.  And I’ve just seen pictures of dozens of dead children killed by Isis militants.   826 more words

Civilized Life

Life the civilised mask

See nowhere its raw pulp

The hard cover exposed

Is covered with multilayer

The shown exhilaration s

The expressed thrills

Submissions inside… 64 more words


Why Babies?

This should be the first entry into this weblog – why bother with babies at all?

First, there is the primeval, brain, heart, hormone and DNA-based urge to have children in most (not all) people. 607 more words