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Civility, an Ideal for Barbarians

What does it mean to be civil? The word conjures up an image of a fair good person, part of a civilized culture, with fair laws and standards. 504 more words

A civilized breakfast...

This is my civilized breakfast- a term I made up from watching one of my favorite shows: Poirot as in Hercule Poirot, my favorite detective. Brilliantly acted by David Suchet who brings Agatha Christie’s books to life. 43 more words

Agatha Christie

Owed To Liverpool

A wanderer’s sense of

making the most of

feeling the need for

harnessing power from


a grit in the teeth

a glint in the eye… 232 more words

C.S. Lewis on Nobility

Nobility and character are seriously outmoded concepts, but one king in the Narnian world had the right idea.

“And that’s truer than thy brother knows, Cor,” said King Lune.

318 more words

Changing Holi: One Colour At A Time

While Nepali moms are lining their empty gagri and baltin at local stone spouts to get water for daily requirements, the kids are seen waiting at corners, impish looks on their faces. 1,426 more words

A Civilized Civil Citizen


As a “Civilized Citizen” Napoleon Bonaparte sought to conquer the world. He used the chessboard to help him in his tactics and frequently won. Another more recent “Civilized” citizen seeks to conquer my uncivilized behavior by means of oppressive behavior designed to force me to see the err of my ways by taking away my rights and trying to force me to conform to their ideas of living and family. 416 more words

The Art of Meditation [Alan Watts]



Alan Watts talks about the art of meditation and why it is important to practice it, especially in the civilized world. Credits: Camera: Erika Fitzpatrick Ti…
Divine Aim