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The sun shines brightly; we can do nothing about it.

A child’s body is torn by shrapnel; we do nothing about it.

The tornados touch down; we can do nothing about it. 74 more words

Social Commentary

No guts. No glory

When we don’t have the guts to step out in faith we rob God of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of reactive Christianity where people are known more for what they are against than for what they are for. 425 more words

Women scientists take to their soapboxes on London's South Bank

I believe that we can never consider ourselves truly civilized as long as in terms of gender the female gender is not considered equal in status, rights and powers with the male gender right from the metropolitan cities to the remote villages. 10 more words

Special Interests

Conflict Between Plastic & Real

The third thing to be remembered about Tantra: it says the more cultured, the more civilized a person, the less is the possibility of his Tantric transformation. 332 more words


I Am Better Than You Are

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is basic human nature to keep distinguish ourselves from others, which of course is not such a bad thing, after all we’ve been taught from a very young age that “I am a BUS” – Beautiful, Unique and Special. 575 more words

The Art of Meditation [Alan Watts]



Alan Watts talks about the art of meditation and why it is important to practice it, especially in the civilized world. Credits: Camera: Erika Fitzpatrick Ti…
Divine Aim


In gym class we are being taught how to play Tennis. Out of all the sports, Tennis would have to be by far my favorite. It is the only civilized sport I know. 113 more words