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Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi chronicled the life of Afghan boy-prostitutes in a 2010 documentary titled, The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. It was aired in UK and US and in cable channels too. 282 more words

Capital punishment deemed mandatory in Singapore's anti-drug fight: Law and Foreign Affairs Minister, K Shanmugam

UN calls for countries to abolish death penalty as it is “incompatible with life in the 21st century”, but Singapore maintains the need for it as Singapore is located near major drug trafficking centres. 140 more words

Saving the CJS, one protocol at a time ...


Following a discussion on the SUKJ Facebook page as to what defence lawyers can do, I’ve had a bash at a ‘Protocol’ that all defence lawyers can sign up to as to how cases should be conducted. 2,599 more words

Women and Girls in the Penal System

It costs £45,000 to keep a woman in prison for one year – while almost 45 per cent of all women released from custody in 2010 re-offended within 12 months. 333 more words


Band Aid

These here ladies, I’m told, have a particular interest in musicians and band members – multiple at the same time. I was only sent the picture without getting their names and the full details of what these two-faced tarts have been up to. 86 more words


Books for the future

Now that the end of my degree is in sight I have shelves full of books, some which I bought at the very beginning of my degree, which I can’t wait to get stuck into and read! 209 more words