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Why does our justice system and laws exist in society? The law exists to establish the correct and acceptable ways of behaving in society, and punish people for stepping out of line. 752 more words

English Assignments

Haciendas and Ejidos - Casey Shawver

Finally, on the last day of the trip we visited a rural village. This experience not only helped me answer the final questions presented for my blog about haciendas and ejidos but taught me a lot about the different walks of life in Mexico, and in United States. 427 more words


Water conservation - Casey Shawver

Today we spent the day focused solely on the issues of water and agriculture which I found extremely informational and of course interesting.

Water issues affect everyone in the bajio and all across Mexico. 308 more words


Scavenger Hunt - Casey Shawver

1. Someone in Penn State clothing

On the second day of our trip Simon was sporting a Penn State polo to represent his school proudly.


Tequila on the Hacienda - Casey Shawver

On today’s tours we visited two Tequila factories, Tequila Corrallejo and Tequila Real de Penhemo. Corrallejo, the first place we visited, is extremely relevant to the topic I am exploring this week because it truly was an old hacienda. 159 more words


Hacidendas and Ejidos. - Casey Shawver

Today we were exposed to A LOT. I felt like we learned and experienced so much in one day. One of the most fascinating parts of the day was learning about agave, the Hacienda, and of course seeing all the scenery. 242 more words

History Comes Full Circle - Casey Shawver

Today we traveled by bus to Dolores Hidalgo to tour and experience more of Mexico’s cultural treasures.

Our first stop was the mayolica pottery store. Walking in was quite intimidating with all the breakable items EVERYWHERE. 379 more words