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Show #234 + Long-Play Wednesday

Feels like it’s been forever since the last Long-Play Wednesday. I’ve been so wrapped up in Folk Fest and other live music that I almost forgot to pack nothing but vinyl for the show today. 143 more words

What Planet Is This

Operation Manatee #73: The Wubbening

Tonight, for one night only: Operation Manatee dives into the deep end of electronic music. Will there be dubstep? Oh we’ll step your dub. Will there be house? 99 more words


Show #233: Regina Folk Festival Special, Part 2

Finally! The post-Folk Fest show is here. It’s a little late, since I had to take last week off, but I’m still starry-eyed and enamoured by the whole thing, so I’ve lined up some great stuff for you, this afternoon. 111 more words


Operation Manatee #72: What's That, You Say? You Have Time For Another?

Glad you could stick around. Pour yourself a drink, turn up the radio and enjoy something a little loud for your Tuesday evening. 65 more words


I'm Taking The Day Off!

Hi gang,

I’m eager to share Folk Fest stories and new music with you, but I’m out for the day. The multi-talented Ben Valiaho will be filling in. 11 more words


Operation Manatee #71: Folk Me? Folk You!

It’s the week after Folk Fest and I am already going through withdrawal. Tonight’s show will be kinda like any other, but it will include some of the noisier artists from Folk Fest. 43 more words


Regina Folk Festival 2014: Sunday

My day: Got to the park at a respectable noonish. Got an obligatory coffee, met up with friends and just enjoyed some of the free Sunlit stages. 251 more words