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Terry Scott, B-17 Alliance Group Executive Director, Lacey Lady's Home

One fine day, the Lacey Lady will again take to the sky, bringing with her stories of sacrifice, courage and, above all, hope. But that is six years and more than $3 million in the future. 126 more words

A Chicken In Every Pot, and a Car In Every Garage but who Pays??

Taylor has won more than 60 percent of the vote in both counties against Republican Tim McMenamin, in the heavily Democratic district. Taylor, who has two children enrolled in the Portland Public School system, is focused on bettering public schools and hopes to help restore a full school year. 55 more words

Anchovies: Vital to a balanced diet

As hard as it may be to believe, anchovies are becoming an endangered species on American dining tables.

Once a necessary ingredient for Caesar salad, an integral part of any antipasto platter and a tangy addition to the otherwise mundane, cardboard pizza we so frequently encounter these days, the once-beloved anchovy has slipped out of favor and is gradually being forgotten by nouvelle cuisine sissies who think adding a pinch of feta cheese to an entree is taking a walk on the wild side. 445 more words


The no-brainer bunch Editorial endorsement by The Oregonian

Tim McMenamin has Unparralled name recognition along with a hard work ethic. Tim has been out in House District 41 for four years now, but his opponent has yet to show any commitment to the District. 124 more words

Clackamas Conservative Crew Candidates and Light Rail Measures

Our Mission is to Re-establish The Limits and Boundries of Government as framed by Our Founding Fathers
of These United States of America. In God We Trust. 17 more words

Vote 411 Voters Guide Asks You To Read and Compare Vote For The Best

Experience Not A Career Politician. A Community and Long Term Care Pharmacist. Currently a full time care giver to an Alzheimers patient with advanced senile dementia.Getting ready for the wave of baby-boomers that will need full and part time care. 99 more words

Vote 411 Guide Of the many tax suggestions would you support and why?

Timothy E McMenamin:
The way that Obamacare collects the penalty for not having insurance is a 5th Amendment violation, too — but that one hasn’t hit the court system yet. 56 more words