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My New Favorite Shirt

I feel like a nerd creating a whole entire post because I got a shirt I’m obsessed with. But that’s what going on here. Deal with it. 124 more words


4-Eye Envy

I know I’m actually really really lucky I have perfect eyesight and I’m really really being a brat every time I say this, but I’ve always wanted glasses really really bad. 585 more words


Thoughts on the bus


All about the human experience + the synthetic (man made?) experience we create for ourselves with buildings, music electricity, substances inside us. It all comes together in one ‘night’. 249 more words


Influence: Grimes

I have always listened to music a lot, every day, walking places, in my room, etc. I guess I have thought about its relation to visualĀ or fine art before, but not in much depth. 229 more words


Review of and Response to Grimes' "Go ft. Blood Diamonds"

I’ll say it. I’m obligated to be at least kind of pissed. But I don’t think I am.

I will first lay the case againstĀ the defendant, as there are many with stones in hand, ready to condemn Grimes for selling out. 675 more words

All Hail the Dr.

Dr. Martens, that is.

Currently, I am wearing mine like they are my soulmate. I can’t go a day without them, it seems.

I seem to get a new pair of cheap boots each fall, wear them dead through the winter, and then they break by spring. 582 more words