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My New Favorite Shirt

I feel like a nerd creating a whole entire post because I got a shirt I’m obsessed with. But that’s what going on here. Deal with it. 124 more words


4-Eye Envy

I know I’m actually really really lucky I have perfect eyesight and I’m really really being a brat every time I say this, but I’ve always wanted glasses really really bad. 585 more words


Thoughts on the bus


All about the human experience + the synthetic (man made?) experience we create for ourselves with buildings, music electricity, substances inside us. It all comes together in one ‘night’. 249 more words


Influence: Grimes

I have always listened to music a lot, every day, walking places, in my room, etc. I guess I have thought about its relation to visualĀ or fine art before, but not in much depth. 229 more words