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Shades for Stunner

At least once a week, my friends be asking me “Kati, do I wear my shades too often? Should I ease off on the stunning?” I always answer the same “Girl/Boy – you be trippin! 543 more words


Meat Is Murder.

About that title – it’s not that offensive of a statement – I mean, meat is animal muscle. I believe we all understand that, right? It’s also the title of that song by The Smiths that pissed a bunch of people off for being so… um, opinionated. 840 more words


Noises Next Door

By Drew Haughey

The record deal can be a funny place to be. It can offer transport right to the top of charts and critical opinion, and yet; despite not being a physical body, has often been described as suffocating. 798 more words


Be a Blazer

Hey! Yo. What’s up?

Today we will be talking about Blazers. AH! Blazers. I’m a recent convert-slash-current obsesser to the wardrobe statement. Seriously, ladies – they are THE BEST. 629 more words


Dear Dye...

First off, I’m a HUGE fan of your work. You make dreams come true for so many beautiful girls. Take Lana Del Rey, for instance. 421 more words


Be A Body- With As Cool A Style As Grimes

Claire Boucher, a Canadian much better known by her stage name Grimes, has been making waves in the electronic community and musical realm with her undefinable style and experimental tunes. 490 more words