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Blackbeard's head like a hole in 'Crossbones' recap

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “A Hole in the Head” | Aired July 18, 2014

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, aka the Commodore, plans to live it up before his possible death, starting out the episode by entertaining a number of young, naked ladies in his bed. 1,198 more words

'Crossbones' recap: Jagger tests spy Tom Lowe's loyalties

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “The Return” | Aired July 11, 2014

When we left off, Lowe had abandoned his affair with Lady Kate, and Jagger had approached Antoinette—she of the Commodore’s ghostly visions—to aid in his search for Blackbeard. 1,532 more words

'Crossbones' recap: Gathering storms

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Antoinette” | Aired June 27, 2014

After last week’s angry-sex encounter with young Charles, it’s surprising to see Selima disrobing and throwing herself at the Commodore. 1,118 more words

'Crossbones' recap: For the love of Kate!

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “The Man Who Killed Blackbeard” | Aired June 20, 2014

The Commodore hears voices as he relaxes on his bed garbed in cool white linen — could he be experiencing another of his headaches? 1,734 more words

'Crossbones' recap: Pirate envy

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “The Covenant” | Aired June 6, 2014

The resident tech whiz, James, has succeeded in building a longitude chronometer; Selima warns the Commodore not to trust Captain Sam Valentine; and Fletch facilitates some exposition regarding “a vessel of some kind — except that it seems to travel underwater,” says Lowe in response to the barrage of questions about his sketchbook. 1,444 more words

Crossbones Fails to Swashbuckle

The big show I was most excited to watch this summer was Crossbones. And while, I’m going to keep watching, the first episode left me felling less than thrilled. 407 more words