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Our Home: As American as Apple Pie

 Happy Birthday, America!

In the spirit of celebrating the Fourth of July, we turned to famous Americans for their thoughts about home, homeownership and the feeling of sanctuary that comes with having your own place. 201 more words

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Yes, it Really Matters: Stop Blanking on Names!

If you’ve been blessed with a photographic memory and never have any trouble remembering names, feel free to skip this article. If you are like most of us, however, and have been known to forget the name of a customer, prospect or associate… this article is for you! 365 more words

Claire Richards Realtor

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Back in 1978 only 5 percent of Americans considered themselves procrastinators. By 2007 that number increased to over 26 percent. Whether or not we care to admit it, in today’s digital age there’s more distracting our attention than ever before, making procrastination a potential problem for everyone. 423 more words

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