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The Gift... (in a cup).

Well I don’t know about everyone else in this case, but coffee is a staple requirement of my daily intake. I can’t pin point when this became the norm, but I sure can’t do without it. 452 more words


My Pain on Paper

I see what’s coming and I am broken by the fact I can do nothing to change it, it’s always been this way, it seems the curse of clairvoyance is observation, for I can see, that alone I can do, I see and cannot change anything, believe me, I have tried. 152 more words

Mes Oeuvres

Limitless Belief

What do you believe you can have?

The universe will provide exactly what you believe you can have. Are you barely making in by financially?  Do you believe you have to struggle in life to survive?  193 more words


Horoscope 24th January 2015



Γενικά: Σου αρέσει που ανοίγεσαι και συζητάς ακόμα και για θέματα που ήταν ταμπού για σένα. Με αυτόν τον τρόπο θα ξεπεράσεις κάποιες ενοχές οι οποίες σε σκαλώνουν και δεν μπορείς εύκολα να ξεκολλήσεις.


Is being psychic a sign of being spiritual?

For a long time, I looked up to psychics and believed they had something I didn’t have. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to see spirit and hear spirit. 284 more words

Using Your ESPn Channel

It’s football season.  So… are you ready?  Are you tuned in?  To your ESPN channel?  No, not, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network on TV.  Your ESP network – the Extra Sensory Perception.  793 more words

Spiritual Writing

Convos With Cleverbot: These Aren't The Delusions You're Looking For

In which I decide the cure for feeling slightly loopy is a chat with Cleverbot, only proving further that I am currently not of sound mind. 259 more words

Maximum Randomosity