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The Big Book of Angel Tarot

The Big Book of Angel Tarot, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, is a fabulous compendium of the Angel Tarot Cards.

I’ll be honest–I already had this lovely deck, and I dragged my feet on looking at this book because I thought the descriptions printed on the individual cards were more than sufficient.   282 more words


How I perceive you with my clairvoyance

The question that I get asked the most by clients in my Healing Sessions is:

“How do you perceive me with your clairvoyance?”

And in the beginning I didn’t really know how to answer that question. 290 more words


Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Publisher: AEC Stellar Publishing

Published: 2014

My rating: 3 stars

In a future version on the United States which has been divided into 7 regions following an external economic crash, the population live in a police state led my a mystery figure known as Phelps, where they are subjected to strict rules and harsh recriminations for any infraction of the laws. 652 more words

A Boy and His Caul

David Copperfield was born “on a Friday, at twelve-o-clock at night”, with a caul. In a foreshadowing of e-bay this caul was “advertised in a newspaper at the low price of fifteen guineas.” There were no takers at that price. 292 more words

Glorious Glory O'Brien

I drove directly to a bookstore yesterday to pick my copy of A. S. King’s Glory O’Brien’s History of the World, which was finally out. I’d been counting down the days. 320 more words



I have always had a deep reverence for ancient mythology and in particular the Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology. I spent some time living in Crete years ago and managed to pick up a beautiful terracotta plate hand painted with a portrait of my favourite goddess Artemis. 833 more words


Diversion, 4



By NINA de LUNA 1,074 more words