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Top 5 Reasons Why I Don't Read With Reversals

Do you use reversals in Tarot readings? I have been thinking some more about reversals lately and realise it’s been nearly three years since I last wrote about them. 569 more words


Seeing the Future

A funny thing happened to me in 2007.  Certain pictures, dreams, and visions that I had while growing up started materializing in real life.  I also started having new dreams that year that materialized. 632 more words


Follow your dreams ...

How many people can truly say they are living their dreams? We live in a society where we push our dreams to the side to make ends meet .. 235 more words


Love yourself & become your biggest supporter

Hey hey hey ..

What I’m about to blog about is such a passionate subject to me. Self – love . 

Ask yourself this ..Do you love yourself? 369 more words


Insight Soul Readings

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A Five Question Format
Send Ramon a question in each of the following categories:

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I have been brainwashed since the 60’s. Our government, scientists and teachers all displayed a rigid bias against all things paranormal. It turns out that exhaustive studies using rigorous scientific controls have been carried out by the government and prestigious universities since the 1950’s. 317 more words

From an early age

The thing I remember most when growing up was how I felt I didn’t really fit. It’s not that I had a particularly sad childhood, just a little awkward at times. 225 more words