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Notes on 7-23-14

The Spirits went on a full-blown preachy rant. We discussed excluding it as we have before in other posts but surprisingly they wanted this one to go out. 627 more words

World Predictions

Typhoon Matmo Hits Taiwan

This prediction has happened. Another prediction that was seen as a failure of 2013, falls on 2014.

Notes on 11-25-13
I had a visual of several boats demolished by the coast. 20 more words

World Predictions

Good Instincts

Last night I sang my babies to sleep.

Nothing unusual.

This morning I heard them wake-up so I went to their room to get my “good-morning” hugs. 371 more words


Notes on 7-21-14

“The airplane that crashed .. they will lie.. hide and meddle.. the truth, some of it exposed.. the global rage so unspeakably massive.” — Spirits Voice… 73 more words

World Predictions

I am growing

Each and every time I am allowed to speak with power and Authority,I am able to always speak my truth every where my light shines at and guides me, while I am on a spiritual journey of Growth,it just blows my mind as to how much I am able to see & feel within my whole BEing,This was predestined to Be with me & all that I follow I love each and everyone of your Post,I am able to grow stronger through the words,in our growing Process we all have different Frequencies that we vibrate on that’s what makes us all so very Unique and I so love that about us all ,that we are able to adapt to any surrounds & environment that we all get to travel upon,This life is becoming to be just a little bit more sweeter once you have Mastered most of the Universal Laws that govern us all,And each day another part of myself is being revealed to me That’s what my growth becomes more of the Energy that I flow from within gets to shine for you all to see,At the end of the day you must ask yourself how much fun did you have by doing what you love to do,was it easy for you to do,and when did it not become apart of your daily routine,I am Growing in leaps & bounds,I pray that you all are doing just what you came here to do today!!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PASS ALL YOUR PAINS & STRESSES…XOXOXO


Wildfires Emergency

This prediction is happening, however the real center of this fire is Washington, not North California. Lightning was believed to start the Washington fires as well. 158 more words

World Predictions