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This Week's Angel Tarot Card Reading

Nine of Air:
Expecting the worst. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Sleepless nights.

What I see for this card:

When you’re only thinking about the worst possibilities, it limits your ability to see any other possibilities, which limits your options. 67 more words

Weekly Angel Tarot Card

Nepal Flooding

This prediction has happened. its a monsoon not a cyclone, so I have some doubts, but the area is clear.

Notes on 7-23-14 “Typhoons and Hurricanes, yes to Florida.. 124 more words

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Astrology is the study of the relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world based upon an individual’s personality and The position of the sun, moon and other planetary objects at the person’s time of birth. 35 more words


Rick Perry Indicted

This prediction has happened:

Prediction 5: Sound Bites
U.S. Politics: It’s all over the news Rick will be in the media spotlight over a slimy little deal. 87 more words

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Notes on 8-16-14

“Evil..” Spirit said

“Clarity please.” I said

“In or around Chicago.. children buried.. mourning turns to rage.. another mad man with a gun.. such needless loss.. 100 more words

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Anunakki & No Father Figures

I felt out of place when I was growing up without my Father in my life,In all of my 46 yrs. he was in Prison for most of my life,and I didn’t feel any kinda way about it,since me & my mom were abused by him for years. 730 more words