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Anime Merchandise

As an obsessive anime fan I am, of course I want to buy some merchandise! My parents, don’t really give me allowance so all I do is dream of stuff I want to collect. 33 more words


Clannad's Epic Tongue Twisters!!! (I finished it in 10 minutes!)

Hitotsu hegi hegi ni hegihoshi hajikami
Bonmame bongome bongobo
Tsumidote tsumime tsumizansho
Shoshazan no namagami
Konkogome no konamagami
Level up!!-Medium!
Shusu hijyusu
Shusu shuchin… 335 more words


Best Soundtracks From Clannad

Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ was an anime which was, for many different reasons, totally legendary. One reason was it’s totally mesmerizing soundtrack. Here I have listed some of the best. 58 more words


AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Ticket for the feels train?

You know how to tell if an anime was good? If you felt the emotions that the character’s experience. If you felt their happiness, love and sadness. 386 more words


I am now registered for Anime Boston 2015

…Just wanted to let folks know ^_^

I will now begin working on the powerpoints for the panels I plan to do. For now, I will submit applications for the following panels since the powerpoints for them are either done or will not take more than a single night to make or update. 161 more words

Brendan Aurabolt

Day 25: There are No Fancy Titles for Death

*Oh hey, spoilers*

If you ask me, if Clannad After Story didn’t exist Clannad would just be an above average Harem. Without the addition of the second season there really isn’t a whole lot of depth there. 482 more words