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Fact of the day: 24th July

On this day in 1411 Battle of Harlaw, one of the bloodiest battles in Scotland took place.

The Battle of Harlaw was a Scottish clan battle fought on 24 July 1411 just north of Inverurie in Aberdeenshire. 135 more words

Fact Of The Day

Large Clans: Pros and Cons

This is the second installment about clans brought to you by STL! Most people prefer to have a large clan to make the player look better and to try and hit leaderboards. 99 more words


Small Clans: Pros and Cons

STL here bringing a mini-series about clans. I will be talking about the pros and cons of a small clan and likewise for a large clan. 119 more words


Gaming clans are no longer relevant!

Hello there

Remember when gaming clans used to be the thing that could lead to stardom? Remember when it was cool to be in a clan? 237 more words


Information Networks

There are many sub-networks which are part of the Diaspora Information Network, the largest of which are Clan Information Networks.  These networks act as gatekeepers to the larger Diaspora network for a clans citizens, allowing them to screen and filter information to their own Clan laws. 44 more words


Union Clan

Government: Representative Capitalist Democracy. Appointed Upper Chamber, selected by Elected President. Pres terms are 50 years.
Population : 200 Billion
Inhabited Worlds: 30
Bio-Vessels: 70… 110 more words


New Spanish

Language spoken by several Clans of Hispanic origin, although most clans retain their own colloquialisms. Derived from Standard Castellan Spanish.