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Cocaine (err... the song, that is)

Ok, so here’s another iconic Tune That I Love, by the now 69 year old legend, Eric Clapton.
This track is personal, for many reasons, and still hits me right in the gut some 37 years after it was released on the Slowhand album.
I hope you enjoy :)

Eat 17, Clapton

The most important thing I learnt from my trip to Eat 17 is that if a restaurant has more than one venue with the same name it is sensible to be very clear about which your friend should meet you at, otherwise you may end up trying very hard not to drink the whole bottle of wine you’ve ordered while you wait for them to get from Walthamstow to Clapton. 230 more words


Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins

‘It still amazed me that gentrification had crept this far, that you could get hot oil dribbled on your head in a scented room off Stokey Church Street’ 440 more words


Blues Breakers: With Eric Clapton - [Record 131]

Blues Breakers is a blues LP recorded in 1966, the first studio album and the second overall credited to John Mayall, who teamed up for the first time in a studio release with ex-Yardbird Eric Clapton (their next and last time will be for six tracks of 1971’s double LP Back to the Roots). 424 more words


Eric Clapton - 'Wonderful Tonight'

You know when you hear a song, and just think, this is a perfect wedding song? No? Me neither… Well, Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ paints a picture of the perfect romance, one that almost everyone dreams of – almost fairy tale-like. 189 more words

Eric Clapton - Layla

This song definitely makes it into the “Jazzmin Fotherby Top 10 Greatest Songs of all Time” awards, if not for it’s flawless craftsmanship, for it’s sheer awesomeness alone. 260 more words

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