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Channeling the Balding -Ramblings with PDK

Let your imagination go and picture the following. Cross the joys of waterboarding interrogation, incoherent babblings of farmers/bus drivers and staunch vegetable rights advocates, women talking about prolapsing pieces of themselves and programmes with titles like “the history of the paper clip” and you have a sense of my addiction. 548 more words


A Cock & Bull story

Our local pub, the Cock & Bull, seems to have turned into a gay bar. (I feel like the only gay in the village when Dolly goes back to sea, especially after we evicted our unicorn-loving hairdresser lodger a few months ago). 302 more words


Opinion - Vatican Signals More Tolerance Toward Gays and Remarriage - NYTimes.com - John Gelmini

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Dr Alf is right, although as a not very good Catholic, I struggle to find any logic in many of the Church’s teachings, which is why I have carefully examined… 428 more words


Jan Portillo for RSA Trustee

I have voted for Jan Portillo to be one of the trustees at the RSA because I think she’ll do a really good job. If there are any Fellows out there who have not had the opportunity to vote, then please do so as time is getting short. Voting ends next Sunday.