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... then you would see whether you were riding a horse or a donkey.

Fitnah is indeed a trail and has its difficulties however in the same instance it is a great blessing as it separates those who are upon truth and those who simply declare such. 390 more words

[p. 87] how to hook-check

A reader writes: what, exactly, is a hook check?

It’s a fair point. If you’ve roamed as far as page 87 in the hardcovered Puckstruck… 396 more words


How does "IT" work?

“All the mass-energy that makes up our reality is the result of a gradient density of information between different scales, generating and animating the structures of our universe. 48 more words



-Viewpoints printed in the Oct. 30 edition on Page 3 that RCC Police Chief Jim Miyashiro was presenting the 2014 Clery Report to the RCCD Board of Trustees Nov. 247 more words


Idle No More has no idea what Bill Denby is talking about, no association with him whatsoever

A senior member of the Idle No More communications team (verified) has responded to a trusted reader of this website to clarify their affiliation with Bill Denby and some of the words he has attributed to them.  309 more words

Shit Bill Says

A note of clarification

Many of my posts will be enthusiastic and short summaries of other (reputable) articles on topics which interest me. I will link or list each article (be it online or in print) that a post has been adapted from at the end of each post.