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The Guessing Game

Last week I was to meet a friend of mine for coffee and we decided to meet at Café P. At the designated time, I reached the venue and waited and waited and after 15 minutes called her. 389 more words


Meta-systemic musings.

In conversation with a number of futurists and theorists about what we need to DO, I had this concise revelation, putting it here for future reference: 257 more words


For Sale by Owner: debunking some misconceptions

Ottawaliving.ca has some info on its website concerning FSBOs (that’s what we call For sale by owner listings, pronounced FIZZ-BOS). Some of it is great advice; some of it could use a little clarification. 1,097 more words


Pension issues in SBI–Updation:

Given below is a note provided by KR Saini as a meaningful comment on certain salient features relating to pension issues in SBI. Thanks to him as from all the retiree pensioners. 484 more words


Treatise on Imaan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is a small treatise regarding the issue of those who leave off all actions/ never did any actions. May Allah bring blessing through this work and may he make it a means of gaining his pleasure and forgiveness to myself, those who read it and those who spread it. 10 more words