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Clash Magazine: "Best of 2014" feature.

Please click the image above to read Clash magazine’s “Films of 2014″ article, where film writers for the publication pick their film of the year (I contributed “The Grand Budapest Hotel”).

James Luxford

7 Of The Best - Clash Magazine's Top 7 Best Record Label's of 2014.

It’s coming to the end of the year, and the lists are coming out in full force. You know what I mean the ‘Top 10 Albums of 2014′ type albums. 319 more words


Clash Magazine: "The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt. 1"

Please click above to read my review of “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jat Part 1″ as part of Clash magazine’s weekly film column.

James Luxford

Next Wave: Port Isla

“As is the case with a lot of things, I tend to find that the best songs are those that drop into your head out of nowhere,” discloses Port Isla frontman, Will Bloomfield, speaking to Clash about his band’s new EP, while waiting for a bus. 475 more words


Clash Magazine: "The Imitation Game" review

Please click the image above to read my review of “The Imitation Game” for the film column of Clash Magazine…

James Luxford

Spotlight: The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

Rap’s early 1990s exodus from its home turf of the south Bronx, where hip-hop was founded in the mid-1970s, to the West Coast and its summertime G-funk sounds, pioneered by Dr. 605 more words


Clash: "The Horrors, The Horrors" halloween special

please click the logo above to read “The Horrors, The Horrors” Halloween special for Clash Magazine, where each film writer for the publication chooses their favourite horror film (mine was “Psycho”).

James Luxford