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The Gap between Rich and Poor in Iran: Rich Kids of the Revolution

Any first time visitor to Tehran will notice how much the city has been changed not only in physical / environmental sense,  but the increasing divide one sees between the rich and poor classes of Iranians.  137 more words

Marie Enright (JM4017-1)

Marie Enright’s contribution to the Week 1 blog assignment is an optimistic and enthusiastic reflection that indicates she is, like many of you, eager to get started on the newspaper project. 350 more words

JM4017 Student Blogs

Fintan Walsh (JM4017-1)

Another student—the second (that I know of) in JM4017—has found the publish button. 658 more words

JM4017 Student Blogs

London's Notting Hill Carnival: Race, Class, and Dancing in the Rain

It’s easy to forget, with the noise and the hash cakes, that Notting Hill Carnival was created as an attempt to promote racial unity in an atmosphere of deep-seated intolerance and hatred. 840 more words