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Islam Test Review Notes (10/7)

Articles of Faith:
6 of them-
-Belief in Allah as one and only god (like the Shahada)
-Belief in angels
-Belief in the holy book, ex Quran… 566 more words

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Mosques (Notes 10/1)

Plan of a Mosque

Minaret – a tower with a balcony, from which a Muslim leads the prayer
Ablutions fountain – the fountain for ritual washings before prayer… 63 more words

Class Notes

Sacred Texts (Notes 9/29)

Sacred Texts


  • Surah: a chapter or section in the Qur’an
  • Only to be memorized in the Arabic
  • Allowed to be translated into another language as long as it corresponds exactly to the Arabic…
  • 167 more words
Class Notes