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Class #5: January 27

No Class – Snow Day

For Next Class:

Write a 1-1.5 page double spaced response to “Tyranny of the College Major”.  This is a “gut” response – that is, you aren’t writing a formal paper (that we will do next) but rather getting out some thoughts. 29 more words

Class Notes

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

Today we finished up the reaction/response questions to the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (see yesterday’s post).

We also looked at the Features of Culture that we discussed the other day (including the Cultural Pyramid) and worked on answered some questions. 21 more words

Class Notes

Notes 1/28/15

Invite dcundy@iona.edu as editor

Sitting up a private site for a client for only them to be allowed to view it.

Only designated users can have access to website… 123 more words

Class Notes

Class Notes 1/28/15

WordPress is hierarchical: different levels of access.

What does it mean to be a :

Viewer-they can see the site.  they can’t change anything.

Author- can do as many posts as they want, but they can only edit their own posts. 231 more words

Class Notes

January 28th 2015

Invite dcundy@iona.edu as an editor.

Setting up a site for a private client in order for only them to be able to view it:

Only designated users can have access to the website. 233 more words

Class Notes

Wed 1/28 - "The Hopes of Immigrants"

I can Identify the continent that the majority of immigrants came from.

I can explain the troubles that many immigrants faced on their way over as well as once they were here in U.S. 190 more words


Intro to Taoism 1/23

The Tao
-There is NO sacred in Taoism
-There is a force = the Dao/Tao
-You can look into nature and see flaws and laws of nature… 286 more words

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