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Yar Grog!

This was a class project where there students were able to choose from a wide range of titles, I chose “Yar Grog!”, some of the guidelines included that there had to be a credited poem that applied to the brand name and the ad had to be organized in such a way as to bring interest to the viewer. 34 more words


Document your Display

1. Do you think the display is a success? I honestly think my display could have been better, I was not delighted with the end result of my project and I feel like it would have been better if I would have had a different concept, maybe then I would have felt more proud of my work. 334 more words

Class Projects

Dali Inspired Painting

… from last semester in Color Theory class. We were able to use 3 colors for this, I believe, and not use black. We also had to pick a master painting and make our own rendition of it. 48 more words

My Art

How is the close reading challenge going?

How is the close reading challenge going?
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Class Projects

Prototype Breathalyzer Wearable

This item is a breathalyzer that you wear on your wrist. There is an MQ3 alcohol gas sensor inside that will light up an LED letting the user know if they are above a .02, a .08, or a .20. 78 more words

Class Projects

Arduino Light Sensor Project

For part 3 of this assignment, we constructed a simple circuit consisting of 2 LEDs, a light sensor, and a makeshift button. This project lights up the LEDs depending on different things. 69 more words

Class Projects