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Project #3 - "Lost in Transporation"

Here’s me with my group partners; I’m in the center.  We decided to call our project, “Lost in Transporation.”

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Project #3 - "Adventures in Plant Sitting"

According to the label on the plant’s pot, this is a rubber plant; it could be a variegated rubber plant because of the coloring.  I was given the responsibility of taking the plant home, with the hope of keeping alive and thriving.   137 more words

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Project #3 - Sketch

For this project, I and two other classmates had to come up with a better way to obtain water from a plant, or a better transpiration collector.   110 more words

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Salsa by Jose Lucio
Videography and Production by Isaac E Lucio

Jose Lucio, the Nighttime Supervisor of the Blume Academic Library, shares his thoughts on food and prepares Salsa. 103 more words

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Red Velvet Crepês

Red Velvet Crepês by Wendy Araujo
Videography and Production by Travis Bowles

Chef Wendy loves making deserts. She is a St. Mary’s alumn who also enjoys eating red velvet cake. 515 more words

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Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolate Pecan Pie by India Bray
Video and Production by Rachel Grahmann

India Bray bakes her family’s traditional Chocolate Pecan Pie and shares how much the recipe means to her. 142 more words

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