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Assignment 10 Example: Finding, Citing & Evaluating Web Sources - AthenaAegis

Remember, use the Assignment number, title and your blog name in the title box.

1.  General Web Sources:  Articles

Be sure to read the assignment directions.   1,471 more words

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Logon to Canvas  for more information about due dates.

Reports are due tomorrow.  Final due date for all six blogs and the  one blog for people doing projects is next Thursday, April 24.

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Assignment 9 example III: Finding, Citing and Evaluating Articles - AthenaAegis


III.  Scholarly Search Engines

A. Searching for a scholarly article: I typed my search statement in the Google Scholar search box.

There are several ways to format your search for Google Scholar: 1,800 more words

Assignment Examples

Ever heard of ThingLink?

I have been ‘browsing’ and discovered this quite cool website called ThingLin


Here is a LINK to an example of what it does… thinking it could be a very useful tool for students to SUMMARISE something they have learnt about… such as our Cubist Portraits, to present a summary of a novel they have read, an overview of a research topic, main facts about a news article…. 85 more words

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Assignment 9 example II: Finding, Citing and Evaluating Articles - AthenaAegis


II.  Second Library Database 

To answer this question, you need a scholarly article.  You also need to use a different database than you used for question 1.   1,553 more words

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