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What a way to end the Term...

So the Student Market Place was another success. Over the last 2 weeks four hundred plus students have been planning,designing, creating, producing, and today SELLING. This photo shows some of the students waiting for market day to be officially opened. 199 more words

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Try 'popplet' to present something...

WOW, another very easy-to-use presentation tool to use in the classroom. A multitude of ways that POPPLET could be used for learning:

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Have your students 'build a wall'...

I have seen this online tool before but never had a chance to use it. So as part of our class (and parent) discussion into HOMEWORK I set this task as a way to collect student opinions. 158 more words

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American Film

So, I’ve only got three weeks left of American Film (four if you count this week). Today we watched The Big Lebowski. Personally, I would rather watch… 15 more words

Okay...so it is working...where to now?

As mentioned in the previous post, I created a survey which was emailed to all the kids. Having got most of the class to think about and fill it out today, the results are in and speak for themselves. 110 more words

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LearningMYway...is it working for you?

Okay, so we have been a LearningMYway classroom for approximately 7 weeks. I thought it might be time to find out from you ‘onefivers’ if it is working for you…what we can do better or change and what help you still need to ensure you are maximising your learning opportunities. 246 more words

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