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Lessons from the Past: When the Peasants Struck Back

Being a peasant myself, and sometimes feeling the urge to revolt, I am interested in how peasant uprisings have fared in the past.

The events of 1524-1525 described here are not a peasant uprising-this was a Peasant WAR. 822 more words

Political Ideologies

The Remora Of Wall Street

Brother Charlie Pierce writing in Esquire tells us today about Clinton and Warren in The Antifreeze Chronicles (“Things in Politico That Make Me Want to Drink Antifreeze”), and while he makes a good point about the horse-race nature of Politico’s writing, I think he missed out on the larger story. 647 more words

2016 Goat Rodeo

Pickup Line 7

“I hope,” she said, “that you didn’t create any unrealistic expectations.”

“It wasn’t me creating anything” he told her.  “The extravagence was all Blake.”

“Well, he’s your friend. 255 more words

My parents saw this movie about 'soaking the rich"

During the 2008 campaign, my mother reacted to candidate Obama’s populist comments.  She would always say something like this: “Your father and I saw that movie, and it does not end well.” 422 more words

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Your Customers CAN Handle the Truth

Great article here about customer service experiences by the author, both good and bad, at big national companies.  What are you telling your customers, the truth or some sanitized BS version that you think makes them feel better?   871 more words

Your Friday Five

Another Edition of "I Can't Believe Hillary Clinton Actually Said That"

I wouldn’t be too upset about Hillary Clinton winning the White House in 2016, but only if I somehow could be assured that we would get… 775 more words