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A Call on “Progressives” to Actually Talk About Progress

Clay Olsen |  April 16, 2014

There was a time in this country when leaders spoke of the limitless potential and aspirations of our citizens. Those grasping for a better life were given encouragement and hope. 486 more words


Calling Bullshit: GOP Wants to Abolish the IRS

When there are so many real issues that need our attention, why are Republicans going around the country defaming the Internal Revenue Service? They have succeeded in cutting that agency’s budget and crippling it in various other ways. 838 more words




Yes it is, and the Republicans have not learned the rules yet. Time is running out and our team is behind. We have no offense and the defense is out coached. 674 more words

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Obama Administration Pushing to Institutionalize Class Warfare in the USMC

Where as the other branches are pleading with Congress to not cut their personnel pay, the Marine Corps. highest ranking NCO is pulling a 180 and… 1,224 more words

Class Warfare

When Good Money Follows Bad

SocialFunds.com — Last week, the US Supreme Court issued its decision on McCutcheon vs. the Federal Election Commission (FEC), ruling unconstitutional the limits on total campaign contributions that can be made by an individual. 546 more words

Class Warfare