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Red Rising

Usually when people talk about books you hear how they ‘couldn’t put it down.’ My experience with Red Rising by Pierce Brown was the opposite; I ‘couldn’t pick it up.’ I wasn’t really very interested in the book for a number of reasons. 745 more words

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Low wages equals low growth

I was interested to hear a report on the BBC News that George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, (finance minister) will fail to make his target of reducing the borrowing requirement. 466 more words


How far apart are conservatives’ and liberals’ political beliefs? Can the two ideologies ever work together to run the country and produce bi-partisan legislation?

The core values of the liberals and conservative values are made up of a mixture of myths, traditions, interpretations of the Constitution, and views ingrained in respective cultural exposures.   778 more words

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Life isn’t fair. But it should be.

(For our opening week, we asked all our contributors to think about why they’re On The Left, and what the next three years holds for the left, the government, and New Zealand.) 764 more words

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Warren: “The Game is Rigged”

Elizabeth Warren is building up a great deal of political capital by being willing to tell the truth, albeit in narrowly confined areas. In a speech last Saturday in Minnesota, Warren said “The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it.” Warren is focused on Wall Street reform, student loans (being not dischargeable through bankruptcy and overly expensive), and currently voter-suppression efforts and not the bigger picture. 106 more words