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Are Black Americans Disproportionately Targeted by the Police?

The pundit class has been debating the point of whether Black Americans are disproportionately targeted by the police: targeted for traffic tickets, targeted for searching and questioning, targeted with guns. 132 more words

Class Warfare

The Punitive Economic Cost of Class-Warfare Taxation

I’ve already shared a bunch of data and evidence on the importance of low tax rates.

A review of the academic evidence by the Tax Foundation found overwhelming support for the notion that lower tax rates are good for growth. 1,394 more words

Big Government

Listening To A Black Canary

- by Jack Curtis -

Black Americans have abandoned their post-slavery American Southern Christian culture, replacing God and responsibility with Government and entitlement. As the larger culture is now engaged in the same transition, the American black experience has much to tell …if we’re willing to listen. 1,081 more words


You Believe In Social Darwinism And Don't Even Know It...

Most of us believe in Social Darwinism and don’t even know it. To a degree most people think that our system is flawless and all of our institutions are perfect. 263 more words


Movie Review- Devoured (2014)

This film follows Lourdes, a woman who moves to New York to make money to provide for her son to have a life -saving operation. She winds up working the night shift cleaning a bar/restaurant and setting up for the next day. 473 more words

Girl Power