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Survival of the Fittest

I made it. It’s so hard to believe. I’m honestly in shock right now. But I survived this semester. This was honestly the most challenging, most brutal schedule of my life. 138 more words

Tommy Hilfiger Gift Set

Men are not born with class, they must earn it and work hard for it. This is a starter set for transforming your man.

Tommy Hilfiger

Quote of the day: The Yankee/Cowboy War

That phrase comes from Carl Oglesby, a 1960s radical who correctly discerned that the American bipartisan system was in fact a duopoly, basically pitting old money against new, each seeking to gains at the advantage of expense of the other in an almost friendly rivalry, and with neither party really interested in the welfare of the masses they pretend to represent. 314 more words


Yik Yak News Package

I was required to do a news package in my Broadcast Writing class and I chose to cover Yik Yak, one of the newest forms of social media. 11 more words


Nets and Decorations

For the past two weeks, we have been continuing to explore 3D objects, and more specifically their nets.  During the first lesson, we played with the nets of a cube.  145 more words

Challenge Yourself

As many may know, I am only a freshmen in college. My first semester was a complete disaster. Its not that I faced tough challenges, its I didn’t learn anything from ANY of my classes. 181 more words

Letter From A Progressive: Exposing Neoliberal Democrats as Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

  As a Democrat myself, I am tiring of white liberals patronizing the “African American” in intellectual discussions about race in America, assailing white privilege from their $2000 Mac Books in their pricey inner city converted lofts (that were before factories that employed minorities).   674 more words