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Saturday isn't a work free day

Good morning, I hope you all had a good sleep. In my case my neighbor had a party with allot of music and dance. Due to salary Friday. 40 more words


Can I major in being way too emotional for my own good?

Posted by: Aless

I debated on actually starting to write a post, and even as I type this I am questioning if I should continue, because it’s after midnight and I have more ‘important’ (a serious stress on those quotation marks) things to do. 855 more words

Bipasha Basu

I like to browse You Tube’s exercise class videos for inspiration. Here is the incredible aerobic dance goddess I’m worshipping/channelling for this week’s class. Her name is Bapasha Basu. 22 more words


The Classic Gentleman

I was brought up watching movies from the 50s and 60s. The premise was always the same; the classic gentleman takes the path less frequented to reach the objective. 569 more words

De-industrialisation and socialism and the leisure class

I recently had a chance to read a post by Michael Roberts on the idea that the increasing automation of manufacturing (or at least heavy manufacturing) would not lead to a leisure society as depicted by Keynes, or perhaps to some degree by the Zeitgeist movement. 2,402 more words


Never Drink Wine from a Dirty Glass

Last night I went to pour myself a glass of red, with all intentions of sitting down to do paperwork. I opened my elegant, cherry wood, six paned cupboard door to grab a wine glass sitting all alone in the back corner. 509 more words


You can't be many things alone

I like people.

You can’t be quite many things alone.

Like nice or fat or in a gender zone.

Being nice requires a friend,

Fat or thin is arbitrary in the end, 109 more words

Peopley Story