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What's a lady?

I remember cringing as I looked up from the church choir past the glistening stained glass grapes of differing shades, to represent the evolution of a person’s individual and spiritual walk with Christ throughout his or her life (truly beautiful, thought-provoking artistry), into the balcony only to see my then six-year-old daughter Sara sitting with her legs spread wide open with a beautiful Sunday dress on and motioning to her repeatedly to close her legs. 468 more words


Shame: now in an aresol

Playboy has released a line of super classy body sprays to compete with Axe. Now you too can smell like last night’s party and bad choices. 40 more words

Just General Ad Stuff

Class Alert: Water, Paint & Brushes!

Class Alert:&nbspWatercoloring class with Arounna from Bookhou
Watercolouring is now a lot more than just musings on paper, it is seamlessly becoming intertwined with objects in our everyday lives. 22 more words

G-Class Tank by Tsunami

Tsunami G-Class Tank. G-class 2.4 Ml Long Wick Colored and Clear Tanks, Compatible with the Tsunami G-Class USB Charger and Wall Adapter #tank #vape #ecig #ehookah

Playing with paint and color

For years, I’ve played with paint and markers and colored pencils. After taking tutorials this summer for Photoshop and illustrator, I was astonished at how much I learned in a short time, and how much I hadn’t known from years of aimless experimentation. 361 more words


Chandelier Painting

Chandelier Painting. ¬†Black on red. ¬†Wrapped canvas 18″x24″ $35 plus shipping


Terrines! Part Two.

I know you’re just dying inside to know how my terrines turned out.



Well, after poaching them in a water bath (the oven was 350, the water 180 and the internal temp of the terrine a precise 155) and weighting them with bricks, setting them in the cooler overnight and poking them with curiosity, the terrines finally popped their molds today. 846 more words