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Power and Privilege; To Pimp? Part 3

The street pimp, uses his power (physical and emotional) and privilege (access to resources and information) to exploit others for self benefit. While we think of this normally in terms of sexual exploitation and control, pimping the poor and other disadvantaged individuals and classes has been with us for centuries. 505 more words



Rhetoric课上有一位韩国同学,平时并不是很积极,几乎都在沉默,所以并没有引起我太多的注意。从样貌上看约莫三十多岁,娃娃头的发型与成熟的脸有些偏差。第一次引起我注意是在课程其中汇报的时候,每个人要求选一篇修辞文章进行分析,大多数同学都是从新闻和演讲的角度考虑,而Kim(这位韩国同学的姓)选的是Walter Benjamin为申请德国大学教职而著的”The Birth of German Tragic Drama”其中有关“漩涡”一词的运用方式。令我大为惊异–没想到会有其他的亚洲人对西方文论有如此的兴趣–但也可能是因为我过早地将国籍与研究方向链接起来吧。

上周本是Kim做汇报的日子,他显然选择了Ricoeur巨著“The Rule of Metaphor”中最挑战的一个章节,”The Living Metaphor”。这是对全书主题的提点与升华,但也是信息密集汇聚的一章。而上周他并没有出现,Cerbu给出的理由是有不能避免的原因–而我和端容姐以及可能大多数同学都以为他临阵脱逃了。虽然可以理解,但是心里还是略有嘲笑的意思。




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Day 38

October 30, 2014

1. I was able to arrive close to on time and before the daily assessment for philosophy class – without the help of a cab. 20 more words

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Chart of the day II: Why a very few got very rich

From Oxfam’s just-released report Even it Up: Time to end extreme inequality:

From the report:

Economic inequality has reached extreme levels. From Ghana to Germany, Italy to Indonesia, the gap between rich and poor is widening.

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Language Studies Hanoi Week 4

Had my mid-term this week – it went great! Traveling the next week so no class until the 12th! We are going to visit ethnic minorities in North Vietnam who have their own language, so speaking Vietnamese won’t be coming in handy… Oh well!  102 more words

The True Meaning of Nobility and Wealth: A Reader's Response to The Wife of Bath's Tale from The Canterbury Tales

While the Canterbury Tales were written over five hundred years ago, a lot of the stories translate well into modern day. Chaucer writes these tales in a timeless manner. 677 more words

Canterbury Tales