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#EngClass #EngQuiz: do vs. make

Today I would like to share a tiny bit of knowledge about grammar. But first of all, help me fill in the gap with “do” or “make”. 323 more words


How myself and millions of other Brits were duped into believing that our leadership were NOT fascists

We had just fought a war against fascism, hadn’t we? Led by our leaders whom we supposed were just as strongly anti-fascist as we were. 157 more words


Life Caught Back Up

Life caught back up to us yet again.  My husband was in and out of the hospital recently with a heart flutter and they found a blood clot.   420 more words

Horror movie in class

the poor student is so afraid of the teacher… this is my homework for the “Found Footage” exercise in video art class. My first presentation was terrible- for twenty minutes I listened to “what it is not good” in my project. 89 more words


Project Planning & Stuff

Looking back on the projects I’ve worked on this trimester, project 3 really stands out because it was the only project where I never felt rushed, or panicked as the deadline approached. 186 more words


Korpan Shah and the Medical Malady

By Pratik Deb for AlalODulal.org

The brutal death of Korpan Shah has raised enough hue and cry amid the media and public, partly because of its viciousness, and mostly because of its alleged perpetrators. 943 more words

West Bengal