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So what's an MBA class like in Japan?

So what sort of classes does an MBA student take in Japan? Well, my course selections are perhaps not representative of an average student, because I am placing a large focus on learning Japanese in addition to business courses. 1,187 more words

UW Departmental Exchange

Odd Drugs

Today I took my cardiovascular/respiratory block final exam.  I’m not expecting grades until late next week, but in the mean time, here are some of the drugs from this block that I found had interesting side effects. 248 more words


My Classes (And a Word on Human Trafficking)

The classes I’m taking this semester are pretty interesting and worth talking about on here. But first, let me just say in regards to my last post, the pumpkin pie white chocolate (non-spiked)? 1,255 more words

Movimiento Pozo Peru workshop

Recently we had a women’s class on sexual exploitation and online internet dangers for the women of zone D. This was a special workshop put on by the Lima nonprofit Movimiento Pozo and led by Martha Tapia.


My Own Business - Kombucha Tea

During midterms last week, I spent a hefty 30+ hours studying for my Marketing exam, over the period of 4 days. I didn’t mind too much, because I really like the class, and it allows me to be creative and express my ideas. 682 more words



Exciting times, reader, exciting times! I will be running a series of sewing workshops over the next few weeks and have just ordered some publicity postcards: 69 more words

City in the City

This is City University.

A picture from Wikpedia, but basically campus looks exactly the same right now, minus a crowd of students on the front steps sucking down cigarettes (because it seems to be a law that everyone smokes everywhere here!). 338 more words