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Mad Legends -- a review of the Cat People

I have always wanted to watch 1942’s The Cat People, starring the petite and beautiful Simone Simon. The idea of an ancient race of people who turn into cats and kill humans sounded appealing to me–not just as a horrible sadist but as a cat person to boot! 537 more words

Thoughts On Life

Classicaly Amazing-- A Streetcar Named Desire

Today, we are going to take a trip back in time. Sounds great right? So, how about going back to an early May evening in the street of Elysian Fields just only so we can get the chance to meet Blanche, Stella and Stanley? 1,779 more words

All In All

Screen Gems-Five Criminally Underseen Postwar Foreign Films

A post on this site from December 2013 was entitled “5 of the Best Unknown (Or Lesser-Known) Foreign Films of the 1950’s.” The reason that decade in particular was highlighted was because of the emergence of some of the greatest filmmakers of all time from other countries, creating some of the best movies ever made in that one time period. 982 more words

Classic Cinema

Sleep the Sleep

We sleep the sleep of forever

sleep the sleep of here and now ,

and dream the dreams of forever

dream the dreams of here and now ; 40 more words

Destiny Poets

The Third Man

I have to admit that this film suffers from being one of the films that’s always sitting in my DVR. Every time it’s on television I feel compelled to record it but never to actually watch it and so after a while I do the guilty delete when I clean out movies on my DVR. 487 more words

Classic Film Review: Singin' in the Rain

When I was younger, I remember seeing a film about the introduction of sound to film. The scene that stuck out in my mind was where the director was trying to pick up the lead actress’s voice with a microphone in a plant, but she kept moving her head around too much. 314 more words



The other day I took myself on a hot date to see Godzilla at Plaza Theatre.  I entered with the usual assumption: I’d see a classic, old movie and indulge a little nostalgia for recent human past.   547 more words